Melon released exclusive BTS of ZEROBASEONE MV site

Melon Exclusive 2 Youth In The Shade Zb1

Melon Hi-Rising went to ZEROBASEONE MV filming site and get the members to do a behind-the-scene sharing of where they are and what are they doing.

For the full video, you can check out on Melon’s page. Before you head over, here are the photos of the members.

Melon Exclusive 2 Zerobaseone Mv Set
Melon Exclusive 2 Zerobaseone

Individual shots

Sung Han Bin

Kim Ji Woong

Zhang Hao

Seok Matthew

Kim Tae Rae


Kim Gyu Vin

Park Gun Wook

Han Yu Jin

For those who want to check out the first exclusive photos from Melon, click here.

Meanwhile, ZEROBASEONE made their debut yesterday on 10 Jul 2023, and did their debut showcase singing the title track In Bloom, B-track Back to ZEROBASE, New Kidz on the Block, and more.

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