Melon’s new project Hi-Rising announced ZEROBASEONE as their first artist

Zerobaseone Melon Hi Rising 1st Artist

Hours ago, Melon announced their new project Hi-Rising along with the first featured artist, ZEROBASEONE (ZB1).

For those who might not be familiar, Melon is one of the most popular music streaming platforms in South Korea (28 million users) with its own music charts and awards as well.

What does it mean? So based on the tweets and information released, for the following 5 weeks (or so), there will be exclusive debut content that Melon will be releasing featuring ZB1.

#ONE – My Profile

  • Hi Rising My Profile Zb1 2
  • Hi Rising My Profile Sung Han Bin 2
  • Hi Rising My Profile Kim Ji Woong 2
  • Hi Rising My Profile Zhang Hao 2
  • Hi Rising My Profile Seok Matthew 2
  • Hi Rising My Profile Kim Tae Rae 2
  • Hi Rising My Profile Ricky 2
  • Hi Rising My Profile Kim Gyu Vin 2
  • Hi Rising My Profile Park Gun Wook 2
  • Hi Rising My Profile Han Yu Jin 2

As the first, the members create their own profiles and even decorate them with their own flair.

A few questions that might pique your interest.

If you were born again, who would you be?

Sung Han Bin >chose> Kim Gyu Vin
Kim Ji Woong >chose> Zhang Hao
Zhang Hao >chose> Kim Ji Woong
Seok Matthew >chose> Kim Gyu Vin
Kim Tae Rae >chose> Han Yu Jin
Ricky >chose> Ricky (himself)
Kim Gyu Vin >chose> Seok Matthew
Park Gun Wook >chose> Kim Ji Woong
Han Yu Jin >chose> Sung Han Bin

To summarize, Ji Woong and Zhang Hao chose each other, and Matthew and Gyu Vin as well. Seems like Ji Woong and Gyu Vin are the popular ones.

Which song do you want to cover?

Sung Han Bin > Coming Home by NCT U
Kim Ji Woong > Hello by Adele and With You by Huhgak
Zhang Hao > My Sea by IU
Seok Matthew > Movie Star by KAIRO
Kim Tae Rae > Seed by Taeyang
Ricky > Cracks of My Broken Heart by Eric Benet
Kim Gyu Vin > Candy by Baek Hyun
Park Gun Wook > I Got Lucky by Kwon Jin Ah
Han Yu Jin > Save Me Kill Me by CIX

1st Mission

At the end of the post, there’s an event from Melon stating that once ZEROBASEONE accomplishes its 1st mission, there will be a gift to Zerose.

Screenshot 2023 06 28 At 11 38 01 Pm

To translate the above, once ZB1 reached a number of 20,000 fans, there will be a ‘Hidden Clip’ of them released. For participants of this event, which will close on 4 Jul 2023, there will be Melon Cash benefit to be won.

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