My Apple Music wrap – Replay 2019


While everyone was showing their Spotify 2019 music wrapped up, I am the one that uses Apple Music all the way. No insightful infographics but here’s what I found.

There’s a REPLAY 2019 playlist that Apple created to “mimic” what Spotify has and you can add to your Apple Music.

According to REPLAY 2019, I’ve been busy listening to music for 1041 hours. (That’s almost 3 hours per day)

Top 10 Songs

Yes, the majority are by GOT7 which is my favorite group! The list can be extended to your top 100 songs. I was addicted to “Save You” because of Hard Carry 2, “La Vie en Rose” because of Produce 48.


My Top Artists

I am pretty surprised to see Twice in my top list since I know that I’ve listened way lesser songs compared to Cheer up and TT period.


Top Albums

This just proved that I don’t purely listen to Kpop, I do love Ed Sheeren too! And yes, my favorite album happens to be super new but also my favorite album, Call My Name, from GOT7 after PRESENT: YOU.

top albums

Hope X1 can make a comeback soon and GOT7 too!

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