Nomination list out for TVB Awards Presentation 2019


Native title: 萬千星輝頒獎典禮2019
Original network: TVB

Date of ceremony: 12 Jan 2020

Mark the date, the list of nominees is released on 11 Dec 2019 through the YouTube video (from what I watched) and here are some of the nominations.

Best Drama of the year

Out of the 16 nominations, I’ve watched 11 dramas from the list and 1 wish still waiting for it to release.

There are 16 nominees which includes Come Home Love (愛·回家之開心速遞), I Bet your pardon (荷里活有個大老千), The Ghetto‑Fabulous Lady (福爾摩師奶), The Defected (鐵探), My Commission Lover (婚姻合伙人), Big White Duel (白色強人), 好日子, Our Unwinding Ethos (十二傳說), Justice Bao (包青天再起風雲), Girlie Days (她她她的少女時代), My Life as Loan Shark (街坊財爺), Barrack O’Karma (金宵大廈), Finding her voice (牛下女高音), The Man Who Kills Troubles (解決師),  Wonder Women (多功能老婆), The Maid Alliance (丫鬟大聯盟).

Predictions: I love a couple of dramas hope either one will win. I’m not sure how people will be able to support The Maid Alliance since it is still not out yet.


Best Actor 最佳男主角

The award that every actor wants to get, is a form of confirmation from the experts of their acting skills. Out of the 20 nominees, I do hope Kenneth Ma will win since he is really the A-class actor in TVB and working hard for all his roles.


  • Tong Ming 唐明 by Kenneth Ma, Big White Duel (白色強人)
  • Fu Zi Bok 傅子博 by Edwin Siu, Our Unwinding Ethos (十二傳說)

Best Actress 最佳女主角

Similar to the Best Actor award, this is the award any actress wants to receive. All three roles are equally good and left me quite an impression in 2019. If really insist need to highlight one, it will be Selena Li’s role in Barrack O’Karma.


  • Coco 章瑋/楊玉華 by Selena Li, Barrack O’Karma (金宵大廈)
  • Kennis 程洛雯 by Ali Lee, Big White Duel (白色強人)
  • Zoe 蘇怡 by Natalie Tong, Big White Duel (白色強人)

Favorite Male TV Character 最受歡迎電視男角色

Since this is an award by voting from netizens, there are a high chance that characters that really left a positive impression will get it.

Here are some of my prediction, which I think they deserve it.

  • Tong Ming 唐明 by Kenneth Ma, Big White Duel (白色強人)
  • Poon Wai Dak 潘懷德 by Matthew Ho, Big White Duel (白色強人)
  • Siu Wei Ming 蕭偉明/劉旭輝 by Joel Chan, Barrack O’Karma (金宵大廈)

Favorite Female TV Character 最受歡迎電視女角色

  • Mary Hung Yeuk Shui 熊若水 by Konnie Lui, Come Home Love (愛·回家之開心速遞)
  • Hung Sheung Sin 熊尚善 by Joyce Tang, Come Home Love (愛·回家之開心速遞)
  • Kennis 程洛雯 by Ali Lee, Big White Duel (白色強人)
  • Zoe 蘇怡 by Natalie Tong, Big White Duel (白色強人)

Best Supporting Actor 最佳男配角


  • Gong Yip 龔燁 by Stanley Cheung, Come Home Love (愛·回家之開心速遞)
  • Poon Wai Dak 潘懷德 by Matthew Ho, Big White Duel (白色強人)
  • Tai Zi 蔣家榮/太子 by Eric Li, The Man Who Kills Troubles (解決師)

Out of the 20 nominees, I am really looking forward to see Eric Li receive the award. Even though his role in the drama is a villain yet filial son, the character really stood out the most and even more than the male lead.

Best Supporting Actress 最佳女配角


  • 張晴 by Iris Lam, Girlie Days (她她她的少女時代)
  • 鄺泳莎 by Gloria Tang, The Defected (鐵探)
  • 王敏儀 by Candice Chiu, Barrack O’Karma (金宵大廈)

Leap Progress Artist 飛躍進步藝員

It is a roller coaster ride for Owen Cheung this year and ever since his role in Legal Maverick, everyone starts to notice him. Even though The Offliners are not in the list, I am really impressed by his acting there.

If you want to find out more about the other awards, you can watch it here.

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