SBS Entertainment Awards 2020 winner list

2020 SBS Entertainment Award

The annual event of the year for SBS’s variety show happened on 19 December 2020. Due to the current COVID-19 situation in South Korea, extra safety precaution measures are taken and not to add entertainment value but to protect people. Attendees have to wear masks in the audience and plastic barriers are setup between attendees in the hall. Handing out the awards with almost zero hand-to-hand contact.

Hosted by Shin Dong Yup, Lee Seung Gi and Astro’s Cha Eun Woo, and the following list of awards is only for variety shows under the broadcasting station, SBS.

The highest regarded award, The Daesang (Grand Prize) went to Kim Jong Kook for Running Man and My Ugly Duckling.

Here are the rest of the winners

Best Rookie Award

  • Cha Eun Woo for Master in the House
  • Jessi for Showterview with Jessi
  • Oh Min Seok for My Ugly Duckling

Producers’ Award: Yang Se Hyung for Master in the House and Delicious Rendezvous

Top Excellence Award Show/Variety

  • Show/Variety: Haha for Running Man
  • Show/Variety: Jang Yoon Jung for K-Trot in Town

Top Excellence Award for Reality

  • Reality: Kim Hee Chul for Delicious Rendezvous and My Ugly Duckling
  • Reality: Lee Sang Min for My Ugly Duckling

Top Excellence Award – Program: My Ugly Duckling

Excellence Award for Show/Variety

  • Kim Dong Hyun for Master in the House and Telegna
  • Jang Do Yeon for Telegna and 2020 Tail

Excellence Award for Reality

  • Jung In Sun for Baek Jong Won’s Alley Restaurant
  • Kim Kwang Gyu for Burning Youth

Excellence Award – Program:

  • Delicious Rendezvous
  • K-Trot in Town

Hot Star Award (OTT)

  • Lee Seung Gi for Master in the House
  • Park Na Rae for PJ Date Consulting
  • Jang Do Yeon for PJ Date Consulting

Special Legend Award:

  • Lee Sung Mi for Truth Game
  • Lee Kyung Shil for Truth Game
  • Lee Bong Won for Good Friends
  • Choi Yang Rak for Good Friends
  • Im Sung Hoon for Capture the Moment How is that Possible
  • Choi Hwa Jung for Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time
  • Lee Hong Ryul for Lee Hong Ryul Show

Golden Content Award:

  • Running Man
  • Law of the Jungle

Best Couple: Im Won Hee and Jung Suk Yong in My Ugly Duckling
Best Teamwork: Same Bed Different Dreams 2 – You Are My Destiny
Public Interest Variety Award: Kim Sung Joo for Baek Jong Won’s Alley Restaurant
Scene Stealer Award: Tak Jae Hoon for My Ugly Duckling

Best Entertainer:

  • Shin Sung Rok for Master in the House
  • Park Sun Young for Burning Youth

SBS Honorary Employee Award

  • Seo Jang Hoon for My Ugle Duckling, Handsome Tigers, and Same Bed Different Dreams 2

Screenwriter Award (Variety)

  • Yook So Young – My Ugly Duckling, K-Trot in Town
  • Hwang Bo Kyung – Baek Jong Won’s Alley Restaurant, Delicious Rendezvous
  • Lee Hae Yeon – 2020 Tail

Radio DJ Award: Kim Chang Wan for This Beautiful Morning

Rookie Radio Award: Heo Ji Woong for Heo Ji Woong Show

That concludes the 2020 SBS’s Variety Awards Show and thankful for the hard work that the artiste and crews behind the stage puts in. The angles that they have to tweak due to the pandemic did not discount the quality of the shows and they pull off perfectly. Hopefully the situation will regain pink health soon.

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