Summary of ZEROBASEONE in KCON Japan 2023

Zb1 Kcon Japan 2023

Updated 19 May

Zerobaseone At Kcon Japan 2023 13052023

KCON Official release photos of ZEROBASEONE

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There are lots of events happening over the weekend of KCON Japan 2023 but this post is dedicated to ZEROBASEONE (ZB1) only.

Airport Departure

First activity as a group since Boys Planet wraps up on 20 April 2023, there are sure many people looking forward to supporting the boys for their first performance. It was revealed that they will be taking a flight to Tokyo, Japan on 13 May, Saturday morning at 7 AM (KST).

Dispatch, OSEN, NEWSEN, as usual, is there to film all artists before their departure but they are shaken by the amount of zerose (zerobaseone’s fan club) there at Gimpo International Airport as early as 6 AM. Reportedly, there are around 500 fans camping to take a glimpse of them.

It’s good to know they are well-loved, but please don’t mob them!

13052023 Gimpo Airport Departure Zb1

Meet and Greet

13 May 2023, 2:30 PM (JST)

Shortly after, they had their first Meet and Greet at KCON Japan with Japan’s zerose. They did a random play dance challenge, each member either sing or danced.

Visited their booth

Zb1 Booth At Kcon Japan 2023 1
Zb1 Booth At Kcon Japan 2023 2

KPOP Idol Labo

14 May 2023, 10:30 AM (JST)

They are the first K-pop group for the final day of KCON Japan. A seat-down interview with a little game segment.

My biggest takeaway will be their telepathy or you can call it rapport during the mission to get all of them with the same pose. They got it at the last (3rd) try, but seeing them surprised and Ricky made a disclaimer that it was not communicated beforehand, is adorable.

Zb1 Telepathy Heart Kcon Japan 2023

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Red Carpet

14 May 2023, 5 PM (JST)

Tuned in the live Red Carpet, I was a little taken aback by the treatment that KCON Japan gave ZB1. They had enough time to introduce the group and even individually which none of the groups in front had. (Just hope the other fandom can understand)

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14 May 2023, 7 PM (JST)

Today’s lineup includes Enhypen, iKON, ITZY, Kep1er, Tempest, xikers, &Team, and of course, Zerobaseone.

ZB1 performed Here I Am and Say My Name with a special video dedicated to KCON at the beginning and they gave us a really pleasant surprise at the end for their debut spoiler.

Zerobaseone Kcon Japan 2023 Special Video

Here I Am

Zb1 Here I Am At Kcon Japan 2023
Haobin Here I Am Bridge Kcon Japan 2023

Say My Name

Zb1 Say My Name 1
Zb1 Say My Name
20230514 Zb1 Performance

#Haobin as Special MC

Image 1


The boys safely touched down in South Korea on 15 May around 5 PM (KST). You guys did a great job, have a good rest, and till the next one!

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