Tony Yu Jingtian’s Best Stages so far

Tony Yu Jingtian performance

If you’ve been following, you will know that this ahgase supports Tony Yu Jingtian to the core. Ignoring the fact that he had withdrawn from the competition just before the finals, we will change it to this as his graduation.

Instead of pointing fingers at who did right or wrong, I would say, let’s not give an additional non-relating mental toll on this talented 19-year-old boy.

Instead, let’s appreciate the amazing stages he brought to us on both Youth With You 3 and Produce X 101.


The first appraisal performance, Tony went up and perform solo with Uranus. The first official stage he had after ending No. 19 on Produce X 101 in 2019.

Shut Up And Dance

The cute cheeky image fits so well with this song and the theme of the music video. The mentor collaboration stage with Chris Lee and other trainees from Youth With You 3.

Monday to Sunday

Performance back in the Summer of 2019, Top 35 of Produce X 101 the younger Tony perform probably one of his first original song along with other trainees.

Way Up

The trainees bring us a way up stage in Spring 2021 on Youth With You 3. This is probably the best combination of my ideal boy group. Every member has equal parts to shine and no one is overpowering another, just shine brighter.

If It Weren’t You

The song that reminds us that he is a vocalist and once prove that he is talented and has the potential to grow as an idol.

Hero Kick It

The first competitive stage on Youth With You 3 but he was accidentally injured during practice. Yet you will never be able to find out based on his performance.

Of course, thanks to both the variety shows we have quite a fair bit of performance up on YouTube. Even though he is taking a break now, we will still be waiting for him to recover mentally and physically and take him to a bigger stage.

For those who wants to support him, follow him on Weibo and Instagram.