Top 18 finalists from Boys Planet – Where they are now

Top 18 Boys Planet Melon Hall Of Fame Award

Are you a fan of the survival program Boys Planet? Accompany the boys since last winter and we are now approaching the next winter soon.

Most of us could agree with the star masters that the Top 18 trainees are really talented and no matter what happened, they will make their way to debut and the stage they desire. Following the finale in April 2023, the Top 9 is announced as ZEROBASEONE.

You might not know the final result, scroll down to see the final Top 18 rank.

The top 9 debuted from the program under ZEROBASEONE and the other trainees slowly made or made their way to debut in respective groups.

  1. Zhang Hao – ZEROBASEONE
  2. Sung Han Bin – ZEROBASEONE
  3. Seok Matthew – ZEROBASEONE
  4. Ricky – ZEROBASEONE
  5. Park Gun Wook – ZEROBASEONE
  6. Kim Tae Rae – ZEROBASEONE
  7. Kim Gyu Vin – ZEROBASEONE
  8. Kim Ji Woong – ZEROBASEONE
  9. Han Yu Jin – ZEROBASEONE
  10. Jay – ONE PACT
  11. Park Han Bin – EVNNE
  12. Keita – EVNNE
  13. Lee Hoe Taek – PENTAGON
  14. Kum Jun Hyeon – TIOT
  15. Lee Jeong Hyeon – EVNNE
  16. Yoo Seung Eon – EVNNE
  17. Na Kamden – AMPER&ONE
  18. Yoon Jong Woo – ONE PACT
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