Trainees that was affected by Produce 101 manipulation and where they are now

Trainees That Was Affected By Produce 101 Manipulation And Where They Are Now

18 November 2020 is the trial of appeal for Produce 101 series manipulation case. Mnet released a statement to apologize once again for the scandal and discussing compensation for the affected trainees that are identified.

The list of trainees who were affected due to the manipulation was publicly announced but the trainees who were benefited from the manipulation will not be revealed.

For those who are a supporter of the Produce 101 series will know that all four seasons are stirred and involved, and here are the list of trainees that were eliminated due to the manipulation.

Produce 101 (first season)

Produce 101 is the first season of a girl group survival variety show back in January 2016. The project group I.O.I was formed.

Produce 101 Kim Soo Hyun And Seo Hye Lin

First round of voting: Kim Soo Hyun and Seo Hye Lin

Kim Soo Hyun is now signed under Mystic Entertainment and became an actress. One of the most popular drama will be A-TEEN.

Seo Hye Lin made it into a pre-debut girl group LHEA under SS Entertainment in 2016, but the group did not made to debut.

Produce 101 Season 2

The second instalment of the survival variety show feature male trainees premiere in April 2017. The project group Wanna One was formed.

Produce 101 S2 Seong Hyun Woo And Kang Dong Ho

First round of voting: Seong Hyun Woo (now known as LIMITLESS’s A.M)

Seong Hyun Woo debut under a stage name A.M in a 5-member boy group LIMITLESS under ONO Entertainment in 2019.

Fourth round of voting: Kang Dong Ho (NU’EST’s Baekho)

Kang Dong Ho went back and continue his activities under stage name Baekho after the conclusion of Produce 101 Season 2. Starting from NU’EST W and after graduation of Wanna One, NU’EST back in full force to promote.

Produce 48 (third season)

Produce 48 is the third instalment of the Produce 101 series but this time with a twist, the 101 trainees from both South Korea and Japan participated the survival show in June 2018. The project group IZ*ONE was formed and currently still active.

Produce 48 Lee Ga Eun And Han Cho Won

Fourth round of voting: Lee Ga Eun and Han Cho Won.

Actual final ranking:

  • No. 5: Lee Ga Eun
  • No. 6: Han Cho Won

Lee Ga Eun part ways with Pledis Entertainment in 2019 and debut as a soloist under High Entertainment with Remember You. Currently she is pursuing her career as an actress instead.

Han Cho Won went back to her trainee life under CUBE Entertainment and announced her debut as an actress in the movie Bully Bad Guys일진 나쁜녀석들 in 2020.

Produce X 101 (fourth season)

The fourth instalment of the survival show now feature male trainees and premiere on May 2019. The project group X1 was formed in August 2019 but disband after debuting for short 5 months in January 2020 due to the manipulation case.

Produce X 101 Anzardi Timothee Kim Kook Heon From B O Y And Lee Jin Woo From Ghost9

First round of voting: Anzardi Timothee

Anzardi Timothee went back to ESteem Entertainment to focus on his career as a model.

Third round of voting: Kim Kook Heon (from B.O.Y) and Lee Jin Woo (From GHOST9)

Kim Kook Heon was originally debut as a member of MYTEEN, but after they disband in 2019 he debuted as a duo with Song Yu Vin as B.O.Y 비오브유 early 2020.

Lee Jin Woo debut in a 9-member boy group GHOST9 with Door under Maroo Entertainment in Sep 2020.

Produce X 101 Koo Jung Mo From Cravity Lee Jin Hyuk Up10tion And Keum Dong Hyun

Fourth round of voting: Koo Jung Mo (from Cravity), Lee Jin Hyuk (UP10TION) and Keum Dong Hyun.

Actual final ranking:

  • No. 6: Koo Jung Mo
  • No. 7: Lee Jin Hyuk
  • No. 8: Keum Dong Hyun

Koo Jung Mo debut in a 9-member boy group CRAVITY with Break All The Rules under Starship Entertainment on April 2020. CRAVITY is currently one of the most popular rookie groups in 2020.

Lee Jin Hyuk resume his status as a member of UP10TION but did not promote with them. Soon he made his solo debut with I Like That in 2019 and Bedlam in 2020. He left a strong impression for his actor debut in Find Me in Your Memory and currently in talks for KBS’s upcoming drama Dear.M. He is also active as an entertainer for variety shows such as Boys’ Mind Camp and more.

Keum Dong Hyun went back to his trainee life in C9 Entertainment and made his debut as an actor for a web drama Best Mistake Season 2 in 2020.

Currently we have no idea of how Mnet is going to compensate the affected trainees but believe they will be contacting the respective agencies to start the conversations. Stay tune for updates!

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