TVB Anniversary Award 2017 萬千星輝頒獎典禮 Nominations

TVB Anniversary Awards (known as 萬千星輝頒獎典禮 in Mandarin) is the an annual award ceremony to honor the hardwork and productions from TVB for the year. Winners are awarded with a golden TVB annivesary statuette. (Similar to Emmy Awards, Tony Awards, Golden Disk Awards but for Hong Kong)

For 2017 TVB Anniversary Awards will be air on 21 Jan, which is this Sunday (very excited!) and the nomination list was release in December for netizens to vote.

Many good production, TV series/drama was produced and different type of content was produced over the year. Which is sad but a glory to be even nominated based on the following categories: Best Drama Series, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress, Most Popular Male Character, Most Popular Female Character, Most Improved Male Artiste, Most Improved Female Artiste, Most Popular Drama Theme Song, Most Popular On-Screen Partnership.

Of course, there are another awards for non-drama related, such as; Lifetime Achievement Award, Best Host, Best Variety Show, Best Informative Program and more.

As a nerdy-TVB fan, there are definitely winners in my heart and to be honest, it is really a tough fight every year. Nevertheless, here are the winners in my heart:

Image result for ali lee never wong
Main Characters from Legal Maverick. (from Left to Right: Sisley, Tracy, Ali, Vincent and Owen). Picture: Yahoo News Singapore
  • Best Drama Series: Legal Maverick (My Top 8 Favourite Drama in 2017)
  • Best Actor: Tie between Vincent Wong (in Legal Maverick as Hope Man) and Moses Chan (in My Ages Apart as Mike)
  • Best Actress: Natalie Tong (in My Unfair Lady as Cherry)
  • Best Supporting Actor: Tie between Owen (in Legal Maverick as Gogo) and Joel (in My Unholy Alliance as Kent)
  • Best Supporting Actress: Elaine (in My Unholy Alliance as Kate)
  • Most Popular Male Character: Vincent Wong (in My Unfair Lady as Saving)
  • Most Popular Female Character: Tie between Ali Lee (in My Ages Apart as Paris) and Natalie Tong (in My Unfair Lady as Cherry)
  • Most Improved Male Artiste: Tie between Owen Cheung and Matthew Ho
  • Most Improved Female Artiste: Samantha Ko
  • Most Popular Drama Theme Song: Honestly, i love almost all. It’s hard to choose.
  • Most Popular On-Screen Partnership: Vincent Wong and Natalie Tong (in My Unfair Lady as Saving & Cherry)
Related image

From the list, you can see the pattern and who I’m really supporting. Honestly, I judge based on the scripted role and how the actor/actress portray the character as well as how much close to heart and down-to-earth they are.

I am rather surprised that Ali Lee was not nominated for her role as Never Wong in Legal Maverick, since I feel that was a really strong and different character she played previously. I will probably choose her over Natalie for just the Best Actress.

Nevertheless, I’m really excited to know who are the winners and what TVB is going to create tomorrow! Will update with my thoughts and also conclude the winner list from Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong together!

Good luck to everyone!

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