TVB Anniversary Award 2018 – Nominations

Since the announcement of the nominees are out and the date of the actual awards day is happening real soon, on the 16 Dec 2018.

This year is a special for a few reasons. TVB celebrates their 50+1 birthday in Hong Kong during the TVB Anniversary Gala 2018.

First time that the Best Actor/Actress for both Malaysia and Singapore is presented in Hong Kong instead of the respective countries. (I mean, I get the risk and cost factor). 

Best Actor went to Benjamin Yuen for Stealing Seconds [Malaysia and Singapore]
Best Actress went to Mandy Wong for Threesome [Malaysia and Singapore]

Here’s some updates and who I hope will walk home with the respective award.


This is just my personal opinions and who I want to win. 

  • Best Drama: Threesome
  • Best Actor: Lai Lok-yi – Who Wants a Baby?
  • Best Actress: Mandy Wong – Threesome (She was the Best Actress for both Malaysia and Singapore market for the same role)
  • Best Supporting Actor: Tsui Wing – Who Wants a Baby?
  • Best Supporting Actress: Mandy Lam – Come Home Love: Lo and Behold
  • Most Popular Male TV Character: Benjamin Yuen – Stealing Seconds or Matthew Ho – Life on the Line
    • I feel that Benjamin will have a better stand compared to Matthew based on his wins and also viewers see his growth and the character in the drama as well.
  • Most Popular Female TV Character: Ali Lee – Who Wants A Baby?
    • She is just adorable and the character is really down-to-earth. I feel that either her or Mandy will get it.
  • Most Improved Male Artiste: Owen Cheung or Matthew Ho
  • Most Improved Female Artiste: Gloria Tang
    • To me, she’s the most underrated actress and she deserve this. Look at her role in Another Era.
  • Most Popular Drama Theme Song: Sadly, I have none in my list… 
  • Favourite TV Partnership: Edwin Siu, Raymond Cho – Two Men in a Kitchen
    • The bromance here is no joke. They are basically family.

My above predictions are based only on what i’ve watched and honestly, I did not complete a few more dramas that was also in the nominee list. E.g. Birth of a Hero, Succession War, OMG, Your Honour, Wife Interrupted, The Learning Curve of a Warlord, Fist Fight and more.

But honestly, I’m not very sure why series such as Wife Interrupted, Fist Fight and The Learning Curve of a Warlord is in the list since they are still currently airing and some even just started.

Did my predictions last year and thankfully I was right for a few. Hopefully, it will be a good day on the 16th.

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