Vanity Teen interviewed Zerobaseone for their Digital Edition

Zb1 X Vanity 2023

To celebrate ZEROBASEONE’s first milestone, Vanity Teen, a fashion magazine based in New York did an interview with the boys. The whole interview talks about their 1st Mini Album and highlights each song.

They asked them how they felt right now and what they’d learned through experiencing Boys Planet.

Vanity Teen asked after each member had partaken in several iconic stages during the Boys Planet era, how does it feel like to be a complete group? What are the characteristics exclusive to ZEROBASEONE?

Leader Sung Han Bin mentioned that he takes pride in the team’s visuals. Not just about physical appearance but also how they know the way to present themselves to add charming and attractive factors.

Vanity Teen X Zb1

.When they are asked their favorite/ most satisfying track to listen to in the album.

  • Han Bin: Topline of In Bloom and the lyrics is what he likes the most.
  • Ji Woong: In Bloom, there’s a line [눈을 뜨면 움츠렸던 꽃잎은 피어나] which signifies that everyone struggles at some point in life, but if you don’t give up, the flowers will eventually bloom.
  • Zhang Hao: And I bring you comfort with an attractive melody, and Always is his solo track which is unique and a style he never try before.
  • Matthew: Our Season, a genre he had never sung before and also able to rap.
  • Tae Rae: New Kidz on the Block, is very catchy and he really enjoyed working on it.
  • Ricky: New Kidz on the Block, like the playful vibe of the song, and also he is able to showcase his vocal skills.
  • Gyu Vin: Our Season, love how the lyrics shape their seasons.
  • Gun Wook: New Kidz on the Block, a fresh and addictive song.
  • Yu Jin: Back to ZEROBASE, In Bloom, and New Kidz on the Block. All the melodies are catchy, he remembered and got addicted.

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