What Happened to ZEROBASEONE at KCON LA 2023

Zb1 Photomatic For Kcon La 2023

Updated, 16 Sep 2023

KCON LA updated photos of ZEROBASEONE along with all the other artists that have participated in the show for Photomatic photos.

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This is ZB1’s 2nd KCON since KCON JAPAN which took place before their debut in Mid-May this year. The members took a long flight from Incheon to LA on 18 August 2023 and thankfully all is good, no mob, and well protected.

Image 17

Can I say, many of us (zerose) sus when we see ZEROBASEONE dressed in full Gucci as their airport fashion. But of course the return flight, they are back to their individual styles.

The Main Event – D-Day

Image 16

ZEROBASEONE’s schedule at the KCON LA falls on the 2nd Day, which was 19 August 2023. We have our global members, Matthew and Ricky at the Panel Workshop as surprise guests at 12 PM. They are seated with the Director from Boys Planet and share their thoughts while they are going through the show.


Kcon La 2023 Zerobaseone Meet And Greet
Source: KCON Twitter


On the second day, ZEROBASEONE is in the lineup alongside ATEEZ, INI, Kep1er, RAIN, XG, and Xikers. The night’s dream stage was given to ZEROBASEONE and ZEROSE.

The group performed 3 songs in total which included In Bloom, New Kidz on the Block and The Dream Stage Here I Am.

At the end of the performance, Hao points up to the screen at all of us have a Deja vu moment. We are getting a spoiler teaser for their comeback! ZB1 announced their first comeback that will be happening this Winter, in November.

During Here I Am, you can clearly hear the audience singing out loud with them, which is so so so precious.


Message from the members that are posted via Twitter (X)

Tae Rae

Before the performance

After the performance

Flight back home

Yu Jin
Gun Wook


After the performance

Before the flight back to South Korea. This post definitely caught us by surprise with a special video of Zhang Hao, Matthew, and Gun Wook singing the cover If I Ain’t Got You.

Han Bin

Till the next one!

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