Winners for 2020 TVB Anniversary Awards

2020 TVB Anniversary Awards

TVB kick off the year with their annual TVB Anniversary Awards 2020 show where they reward and recognized artists and backstage crew for the performance in 2020.

On 10 Jan 2021, all the stars gathered at the broadcasting station with additional safety precautions. For those who are curious about the nomination list, check it out here.

Native title: 萬千星輝頒獎典禮2020
Original network: TVB
Date of the ceremony: 10 Jan 2021

Here are the winner list

Best Drama: Al Cappuccino

Best Drama (Short film): Hong Kong Love Stories

Best Actor: Vincent Wong (Legal Maverick 2)

Vincent Wong’s first Best Actor is also based on his role as Hope Man, the blind lawyer still stays in everyone’s heart and able to make even better breakthrough in the sequel.

Best Actress: Sisley Choi (Legal Maverick 2)

Sisley Choi received the Most Popular TV Character years ago based on her role in Legal Maverick. The sequel shows everyone her growth as an actress and also how Dino matures.

Grand Prize: Come Home Love

Most Improved Artiste

  • Female: Angel Chiang (Al Cappuccino, Hong Kong Love Stories)
  • Male: Brian Chu (Airport Security, Al Cappuccino, Go Go Go Operation C9!)

Best Drama OST: Hubert Wu, 凡人不懂愛 for The Exorcist Meter 2.0

Malaysia’s Most Popular TV Character

  • Female: Katy Kung (Death by Zero)
  • Male: Vincent Wong (Legal Maverick 2)

Malaysia’s Favourite Drama: Al Cappuccino

Best Supporting Actor/Actress

  • Actress: Winki Lai (Al Cappuccino)
  • Actor: Jason Bak Piao (Hong Kong Love Stories)

Best TV Host

  • The PakhoBen Outdoor Show: Pakho Chau and Benjamin Yuen

Favorite TV Partnership: Al Cappuccino – Vincent Wong, Owen Cheng, and Brian Chu

Most Popular TV Character

  • Actress: Katy Kung (Hong Kong Love Stories)
  • Actor: Owen Cheng (Al Cappuccino)

Many artists thank Owen Cheng in their acceptance speech, including Brian Chu, Winki Lai, Jason Bak Piao, and Sisley Choi. Katy Kung is one of the biggest winners, walking away with 3 trophies tonight.

Grateful and thankful that Owen Cheng finally brings home the Most Popular TV Male Character.

Another one is the drama Al Cappuccino, a drama that really allows many actors/actresses to shine and gain recognition.

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