Winners for the 2019 TVB Awards Presentation

Tvb Anniversary Awards 2019

Native title: 萬千星輝頒獎典禮2019
Original network: TVB

Date of ceremony: 12 Jan 2020

The awards of the year for all TVB artist. Check out the red carpet here.

Drama of the Year – Big White Duel

Best Actor – Kenneth Ma

Tong Ming 唐明 by Kenneth Ma, Big White Duel (白色強人)

Finally his hard work receive professional recognition. Kenneth Ma receive his first Best Actor award with his role in Big White Duel, this is his 12th nomination. CONGRATULATIONS~!

Best Actress – Kara Hui

Madam Man 萬晞華 by Kara Hui, The Defected (鐵探)

Returning to TVB after 10 years, she won Best Actress for the first drama after she returned.

To be honest, I really wanted Selena Li to win but Kara Hui deserve thinking of how much I hated her as a black cop end up she sacrifices her 2 sons in The Defected.

Best Supporting Actor – Kalok Chow

Gam Sing On by Kalok Chow, Come Home Love: Lo And Behold

For a sitcom role to win such an important role is really unimaginable for all artist. Ever since the first major win when Mandy Lam won the Supporting Actress last year. I guess no one knew it will happen again.

Best Supporting Actress – Candice Chiu

Really touching, 王敏儀 by Candice Chiu, Barrack O’Karma (金宵大廈) won.

Favourite Male TV Character

Pakho won the award with his relatable role in Wonder Women as Wing Ho Tin Oppa. As a singer, he also bring home the award for the Best Drama OST.

Favourite Female TV Character

DOUBLE happiness! Selena Li and Miriam Yeung, both won the Favourite Female TV Character award. Believe it is the first time we have 2 winners in this category.

Best Couple – Joel and Selena Li (Barrack O’Karma)

Leap Progress Artist 飛躍進步藝員

  • Male: Owen Cheung
  • Female: Kelly Cheng

Best Drama OST – Pakho

So freaking cute when I see the child actor carry the plushie (used Wonder Women’s drama, Ah Fei) out to present the award. And the cutest thing is when the winner is his Oppa, Pakho.

Grand Award – Lau Dan

Similar to a daeseng in Korean Awards. The amount of dedication he gave and giving throughout his career really impressive and respectable. The KOL (King of Laughter) in Come Home Love that I will still support.

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