WOODZ and Lee Jin Hyuk reunited on Idol Radio since ‘MOVE’

Netflix's Twogether with Jasper Liu and Lee Seung Gi. Lee Jinhyuk, Cho Seungyoun at Idol Radio with YoungK and Youngjae

On episode 639 of Idol Radio, we have special guests, Cho Seungyoun (aka WOODZ) and Lee Jin Hyuk who recently release their mini albums. Seungyoun release his first mini album ‘EQUAL’ since debut 7 years ago and Lee Jin Hyuk released his second mini album ‘SPLASH’.

Cho Seungyoun On Episode 639 Of Idol Radio

Seungyoun goes by his stage name WOODZ when he promote as soloist. He did the opening of the idol radio show singing ‘Love Me Harder‘ live. Also sang ‘Waikiki’ and did a cover as well.

Youngjae fell for his live performance and can see that he is really enjoying it! (#PROUDMOMENT as ahgase and ONE-IT)

Lee Jinhyuk On Episode 639 Of Idol Radio
Lee Jinhyuk on episode 639 of Idol Radio

Lee Jinhyuk promote as soloist and member of UP10TION. He released his 2nd mini album ‘Splash’ and dance to the title track ‘Bedlam’. Celebrated his actor debut in Find Me in Your Memory and recently cast as main lead, Jeong Shin in Don’t Let Go of Your Mind 놓지마 정신줄.

Cho Seungyoun And Lee Jinhyuk Posing For Idol Radio Episode 639
Cho Seungyoun and Lee Jinhyuk posing for Idol Radio episode 639

Seungyoun and Jinhyuk made their debut as member of UNIQ and UP10TION (respectively). Fate bring them together while they took a step back and joined idol survival program Produce X 101 as trainee. During the show, they performed together for ‘MOVE‘.

Role Playing While Listening To 039 Memories 039 By Woodz On Idol Radio
Role-playing while listening to ‘memories’ by WOODZ on Idol Radio

This photo has a cute story. Ending the show with WOODZ’s Memories and YoungK decide to pick up the mic and pretend to sing. When the rest saw, Jinhyuk became the drummer, Seungyoun on the keyboard and Youngjae went back to pick up a guitar.

Cho Seungyoun Woodz And Lee Jinyuk 039 S Signatures On Idol Radio
Cho Seungyoun WOODZ and Lee Jinyuk’s signatures on Idol Radio.

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