Youth With You 3 trainees finally debut as IXFORM

Ixform Debut

The secret was finally confirmed when the rumored nine finalists of the unfinished survival program Youth With You 3 青春有你3 took the stage together and introduced themselves as IXFORM.

Due to many complications, the popular variety show was forced to end abruptly back in May 2021 and the final debut night did not take place (or rather show to the public). Many sources of news state that the debut night was still filmed and the top 9 members also confirmed, but everything was done in private.

After 2 whole months, we have the confirmation and I hope this is a fresh beginning for the members of IXFORM.

The members include their center Luo Yizhou, JOJO Tang Jiu Zhou, Lian Huaiwei, Neil Liu Guanyou, Jerome. D Deng Xiaoci, Kachine Sun Yinghao, Liu Jun, X Duan Xing Xing, and Sun Yihang.

Ixform Debut
IXFORM – Debut.

The members have also changed all their Weibo (social media platform) pictures to the same series and added their group name IXFORM before their name.

Ixform Members Officially Changed Their Weibo Name To Include Group Name
IXFORM members officially changed their Weibo name to include group name

Based on the sequence of their introduction as well as how they are tagged in the official account’s message. We can confirm that their ranking is as predicted in the May news.

  1. Luo Yizhou [罗一舟]
  2. JOJO Tang Jiu Zhou [唐九洲]
  3. Lian Huaiwei [连淮伟]
  4. Neil Liu Guan you [刘冠佑]
  5. Jerome. D Deng Xiaoci [邓孝慈] 
  6. Kachine Sun Yinghao [孙滢皓] 
  7. Jun Liu [刘隽]
  8. X Duan Xing Xing [段星星]
  9. Sun Yihang [孙亦航] 

For those who are interested in their first performance, IXFORM attended a music festival in Chengdu. Split into 2 groups with two songs, 刚好 and 同学你好.

Here’s the performance uploaded by Luo Yizhou’s fan account on YouTube

Are you excited to see how they grow in the Chinese entertainment industry? Follow their official account to get the latest updates.

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