ZEROBASEONE 1st Fan Con Recap

Zerobaseone 1st Fan Con Recap

It was definitely an epic show that beefed up the stale weekday. ZEROBASEONE held their very first fan con on 15 August 2023 at Gocheok Sky Dome 고척스카이돔.

Zerobaseone Fan Con 15 Aug 2023

It was first announced that they will be hosting their first solo concert back in late June and the details are shared in mid-July.

There are 3 ways for fans all around the world to catch the show. For Zerose in Korea, they either catch it live amongst the 25,000 audiences OR stream it live in one of the CGV movie theaters. Global fans (just like myself) caught it live after purchasing the tickets on Interpark.

The Setlist

In total, ZB1 performed 9 songs which includes almost all of the songs in Youth in the Shade, apart from Zhang Hao’s solo song.

Fancon Back To Zerobase
  1. Back to ZEROBASE
  2. New Kidz On The Block
  3. Say My Name
    [Change outfit]
  4. And I
  5. Here I Am
  6. Jelly Pop
  7. Hot Summer
  8. In Bloom
    [Change outfit]
  9. Our Season
Fancon Here I Am
Fancon Finale

As a Haobin fan, here are some fan-taken photos that are really precious (at least to me).

Image 11
Source: Purple Tulip
Image 12
Image 13
Source: M.Wu
Image 14
Source: M.Wu

There are definitely tonnes of moments to remember. This is just the beginning, let’s do this together because we are all in it together!

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