ZEROBASEONE broke their own record as a million-seller for 2nd Mini Album

Zerobaseone Digipack Melting Point

During the promotion of their debut with Youth in the Shade, it was announced on 4 July 2023 that they had achieved 1.08 million pre-order album sales in just 13 days.

Becoming the first debut group to become a million-seller and the first boy group in 26 years to achieve this record. Shortly later, it was reported that they sold 1,822,028 copies in the first week of release (from 10 July 2023) according to Hanteo Chart.

In August, it was announced that they’ve sold a total of 2,034,594 copies of their album and became the first Kpop group to sell over 2 million copies of their debut album.

Today for their latest comeback album – MELTING POINT, it was previously announced that they’ve sold 1.7 million copies. But of course, based on Hanteo’s calculation, it is recorded at 1,458,089. Nevertheless, it is still an impressive number.

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