ZEROBASEONE for 1st Look – June issue

Zb1 1st Look Preview Video

It was first announced on 8 May 2023 by 1st Look that #ZB1 will be coming soon. Zerose (Zerobaseone’s fan club) has been patiently waiting for it to release. This is the first magazine shoot for the group (& at this point, still considering the pre-debut phase).

Updates on 24 May by ZB1 official account

Behind-the-scenes photos of the members

Updates on 22 May by 1st Look

Source (1)(2)(3)

Updates 19 May 2023

Updates on 15 May 2023

Following are higher-quality scanned versions of the magazines with the courtesy of Zerose from all over the world.

Are you excited to see the full interview and their photoshoot?
Will update more along the way.

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