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Updated, 1 Jul

The full interview is out along with the photos as well as the video ZEROBASEONE as Emoji. Here are some glimpses of questions that the members answered ELLE during the interview.

When you dreamed of becoming a K-pop artist, the artist who greatly influenced you was?

After watching GOT7’s stage, I wondered how they could express all their charms on such a big stage. After that, I kept looking for the K=pop stage and fell in love with the culture that spreads positive energy. I want to be a person who delivers that kind of energy.

Zhang Hao, Super Elle July 2023

Does the number of ‘1,988,154’ that made you a debut member in Boys Planet come as a burden?

The surprise was greater than the burden. Thank you for making me realize that I am a charming person. I think I can go farther with that power. My own chaim. ismy undorned appearance. I tend to fully express that I am sad when I am sad, and happy when I am happy.

Zhang Hao, Super Elle July 2023

With the debut, this time, you have to shoulder the weight of ‘leader’. It doesn’t seem like it’s difficult to take responsibility for something

I like taking responsibility, and I tend to enjoy being a kind of protective shield to the best of my ability. Think about how to lead the team more wisely, and I hope that each member’s role naturally settles down with the members, not alone. It feels like a hidden leader (laughs).

Sung Han Bin, Super Elle July 2023

The 1st mini album 〈Youth in the Shade〉 talks about the other side of youth. Is it a relatable topic?

There must be a shadow for the sparkle of youth to exist. Maybe the shade itself is youth. I understood right away, and I felt that it was an embodied subject for me. The key was how to capture and express my story well.

Sung Han Bin, Super Elle July 2023

The part that sympathizes with the album theme of ‘Shadow of Youth’

When I first came to Korea, everything was difficult. In the end, it is in line with my situation that I endured such difficulties and blossomed anew.

Seok Matthew, Super Elle July 2023

The moment when Zero Base One, dreaming of ‘one’, felt ‘connected’

Shooting a music video. It was the first time for everyone, and the process of finishing difficult and tense work as one brought us closer.

Seok Matthew, Super Elle July 2023

If you unravel the Chinese character of the name, it really means ‘a big one is coming’. Do you have a belief that ‘big things will come’ in life?

Since I was a student, I have had no problems with what I do. If we keep going like this, I wondered if there could be a big hit (laughs). Debuting is a big enough thing, but it’s like the tip of the iceberg, so it’s only a small part of the bigger picture. I want to fill in each one.

Kim Tae Rae, Super Elle July 2023

What kind of artist do you want to grow through your 1st mini album activities? If you promise yourself

I think now is the time when we have the highest expectations, before revealing ourselves to the world in earnest. I want to become an artist who expresses the meaning of the song well through song and dance. I also cry, laugh, and imagine various emotions through the emotions conveyed when listening to a song, so I hope I can convey those emotions well.

Kim Tae Rae, Super Elle July 2023

He is the oldest on the team. When he realizes he’s the only one born in the 90’s 

When my younger siblings ask for advice or rely on me, when I gain strength, I feel like the eldest. But when I was in elementary school, I didn’t know much about the snacks sold at stationery stores.

Kim Ji Woong, Super Elle July 2023

My favorite character is ‘Pororo’

I like cute things. I was surprised to see an alpaca in Jeju where we filmed our first reality show, 〈Camp Zerobaseone〉, and how cute it is. Just like the opening song of 〈Pororo the Little Penguin〉, ‘Playing is the Best’, he controls his mind to work while having fun.

Kim Ji Woong, Super Elle July 2023

The cheer that gave me the most strength during the journey so far 

I thought that the three-year trainee life was thoroughly hidden. However, when I saw that someone recognized my efforts and even liked my past videos, I realized that the sweat was not in vain. It was really energizing.

Park Gun Wook, Super Elle July 2023

The ‘base’ that makes up Park Gun-wook is 

Creating an artist, Park Gun-wook, requires not only belief in oneself, but also the help of many staff members. Now that he started his activities, he feels that fact even more. I don’t want to lose my humility.  

Park Gun Wook, Super Elle July 2023

What were the happiest and most difficult moments in Boys Planet?

The moment I was happy was when my debut was confirmed! What’s unfortunate is that I can’t debut with the friends I practiced with.

Ricky, Super Elle July 2023

Zerobaseone is now heading towards ‘1’. If you say something to the members who will run together

Let’s go to the highest place together for a short amount of time. Let’s keep warm with each other through the time we spend together and through the hard process. Let’s protect each other and make big dreams.

Ricky, Super Elle July 2023

As a native of Seoul, is there a way to get along well with members from various backgrounds?

Although the culture is different, both the global and Korean members are sincere people, so there is no difficulty in adapting. In the case of Zhang Hao hyung, ‘How do you know a word like that?’ And there are times when I am surprised. Sometimes I wonder if I can express a sentence like that (laughs).

Kim Gyu Vin, Super Elle July 2023

Born in 2007, he is the youngest member of the team. The hyung I want to praise the most these days

All my brothers take good care of me. He jokes around a lot with Gyu Vin hyung, and these days, Jiwoong hyung is the eldest hyung. Although he is nine years older, he is a wonderful older brother who can talk well without any sense of distance. He doesn’t care about the age gap in human relationships.

Han Yu Jin, Super Elle July 2023

The words that gave me the most strength in the process of going through a lot of things, from appearing on a survival program to forming a team and preparing for my debut.

I received a video letter from an overseas fan near the end of the contest. She was not in good health, but when she said that she gained strength by looking at me, I could really feel her sincerity. I thought I wanted to do better.

Han Yu Jin, Super Elle July 2023

Check out the full video here

Updated, 29 Jun

WakeOne Entertainment released behind the Super ELLE photoshoot that ZEROBASEONE took for the upcoming July issue.

Sung Han Bin

Kim Ji Woong

Zhang Hao

Seok Matthew

Kim Tae Rae


Kim Gyu Vin

Park Gun Wook

Han Yu Jin


The members celebrating Leader Sung Han Bin’s birthday on set.

Super Elle Zb1 For Han Bin Birthday

Updated, 22 Jun

More information about the interview and photos are released via fan’s channel and ELLE Korea posted images to tease fans.

Little glimpse of the interview from members

I want to feel this moment as much as possible, so that I can keep it well and take it out later.

Sung Han Bin, Super Elle Interview 2023: July

Every day is so precious these days. I try to spend each day carefully and meaningfully.

Kim Ji Woong, Super Elle Interview 2023: July

I want to write a story that will not be forgotten in the history of Kpop.

Zhang Hao, Super Elle Interview 2023: July

Here are some HD scanned versions that I really love (Credits to Haorora). Especially the #Haobin photos that we did not know we need it so badly!

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Original post

ELLE released the cover for the July issue featuring G-Dragon. Sherlock Holmes Ze_Rose immediately caught the feature at the corner of the magazine mentioning ZEROBASEONE with the ‘Book-in-Book SUPER ELLE’.

Shortly later, Yes24 Official released these 2 covers of the boys. The Book-in-Book consists of 2 different versions, A and B, which will be distributed randomly and state the content is the same.

Let’s patiently wait for more details to be released. Meanwhile, check out the teaser film that was released yesterday for their upcoming debut album, Youth in the Shade.

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