ZEROBASEONE held their Debut Press Showcase

Zerobaseone Debut Showcase Press Con 3

It’s D-DAY!!! At 6 PM KST, ZEROBASEONE’s 1st Mini Album Youth in the Shade finally debuted on YouTube and all music channels!

Earlier in the day, the project group from Boys Planet held their press showcase to share how they feel about their debut.

Zerobaseone Debut Showcase Press Con 1

Sung Han Bin: Like the name of our title track, thank you for being here as our members “bloom” today. We have tried our best to prepare for today. I really look forward to future promotions with our members. We will show our best selves.

Kim Ji Woong: It’s an honor to introduce ourselves to the press. Every day that we were preparing for our debut was so special to us. We are a small, blooming flower right now, but we will try our best to bloom into a big flower.

Zhang Hao: I’m so nervous to perform our debut song “In Bloom” in front of the press. It’s our first promotion period, and we will enjoy it and stay safe. Please watch us grow, and please show us lots of interest.

Seok Matthew: I’m so nervous to perform our debut album and songs in front of the press. All our ZEROBASEONE members prepared hard for this, so I hope you can enjoy this stage with us.

Kim Tae Rae: Thanks to all of the love and support, ZEROBASEONE was able to debut today. We will become an artist who can give back the love we have received.

Ricky: I’m so grateful that what we have tried hard for has come true. Thank you to everyone who waited for us, and thank you to the press. I will try my best to show new aspects of Ricky and of ZEROBASEONE.

Kim Gyu Vin: I’m so nervous that we are debuting. I’ve been dreaming about today. We have tried our best to prepare for today. We will show how much we have grown.

Park Gun Wook: ZEROBASEONE is debuting with “In Bloom,” and we have worked really hard for today. Please cheer us on and look forward to what we have prepared.

Han Yu Jin: Standing in front of the press, I can really feel that we have debuted now. We will show our best selves to the press and to our lovely ZEROSE.

Zerobaseone Debut Showcase Press Con 2

The members performed their title track In Bloom as well as their B-track New Kids on the Block.

Questions are posted to them from the press, such as “What is ZEROBASEONE’s goal for this year?”, “Thoughts and feel about making debut on the same day as EXO’s comeback.”, “Thoughts on claiming the title of a 5th generation Kpop group”, and many more.

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