ZEROBASEONE hold their first solo concert in Gocheok Sky Dome

Zb1 1st Official Profile Group Photo

It is happening really soon, ZEROBASEONE has been confirmed to host their first solo concert in Gocheok Sky Dome [고척스카이돔] this August!

Just for reference, ZEROBASEONE is a project Kpop boy group that was formed through Mnet’s survival program, Boys Planet. The 9 members of the group will be managed by WakeOne Entertainment with a contract period of 2.5 years.

Here is some background of the scale we are looking at as compared to the past survival project group from the Produce series.

Wanted to start with the Planet series, but unfortunately, Girls Planet 999 project group, Kep1er did not have their debut showcase.

However, we (I) believe Boys Planet’s format of the show is more closely related to the Produce series.

Wanna One – Produce 101 Season 2

They had their debut showcase in Gocheok Sky Dome back on 7 Aug 2017. (Fun fact, leader Sung Han Bin was their backup dancer then for Wanna One. Now, he is going to perform as an idol in the same venue.🥹)

IZ*ONE – Produce 48

IZ*ONE has its debut showcase at Olympic Hall, Seoul in 2018, October 29.

X1 – Produce X 101

x1 quantum leap image
x1 quantum leap image

X1 – Gocheok Sky Dome back in 2019, August 27. Even though it was a short lift period, but as a ONE-IT, here’s the video that might tease you to see the impact and atmosphere of hosting in Gocheok Sky Dome.

Just like Wanna One and X1, ZEROBASEONE is set to make its first debut showcase (aka Solo concert) at Gocheok Sky Dome. The venue’s capacity is around 25,000 seats (for a concert. 15,000 to 16,000 seats for Baseball games).

Meanwhile, ZEROBASEONE is gearing up for their debut in less than a month’s time with 1st Mini Album – Youth in the Shade. Yesterday was the premiere of their first reality show – CAMP ZEROBASEONE

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