ZEROBASEONE made their comeback today with Melting Point

Zerobaseone Comeback Media Showcase 06112023

Today is D-Day! The project group formed from the survival program Boys Planet made their 1st comeback with Melting Point.

The comeback was first announced during KCON LA 2023 and details were shared at a later stage. The album consists of a total of 5 tracks with their title CRUSH. During Weibo Live on 5 November with Hao and Ricky, Hao revealed that the B-side track they will be promoting is Melting Point.

Zerobaseone Made Their Comeback Today With Melting Point

Right at noon on 6 November 2023, ZEROBASEONE held the comeback media showcase and later the day will be live with ze_roses.

In this comeback, there are a total of 4 concepts (including DIGIPACK), and seems like they chose Loyalty as the main concept to promote Melting Point.

Zerobaseone Made Their Comeback Today With Melting Point


Sung Han Bin

We’re so happy and excited to make a comeback with a new album this fast! We will keep trying our hardest to melt Zerose’s and your hearts!

Sung Han Bin, 6 Nov 2023

Kim Ji Woong

We’re excited to start our second chapter and I can’t wait to make many more lovely memories with Zeroses again this time.

Kim Ji Woong, 6 Nov 2023

Zhang Hao

We’re grateful for nicknaming ZEROBASEONE the ‘Global Mega Rookie’ ever since our debut and having achieved that title. We now want to have a smash-hit song and be the team that represents the 5th Gen.

Zhang Hao, 6 Nov 2023

Seok Matthew

I remember all of us were like “This is ours!” on the first listen of the demo version of ‘CRUSH’. It’s something that we’ve never tried and we thought we’d be able to show people a new version of ZEROBASEONE.

Matthew, 6 Nov 2023

Kim Tae Rae

We’re so ready to ‘melt’ our Zerose’s hearts and will make you all proud with our energetic performances.

Kim Tae Rae, 6 Nov 2023


We won the ‘Rookie of the Year’, thanks to our Zeroses and we’d alos love to win many more awards at the upcoming award shows! We’ll work hard to do you guys proud.

Ricky, 6 Nov 2023

ZB1 won ROTY at the K Global Heart Dream Awards as well as TFMA 2023. Hope this will continue at all the year-end award shows.

Kim Gyu Vin

We practiced really hard that our studio even got humid. We literally practiced to the extent that even the air conditioned practice room wasn’t enough to keep us cool! Hope you give Melting Point lots of love.

Kim Gyu Vin, 6 Nov 2023

Park Gun Wook

I’d say I gained 8 more family members this year! They mean the whole universe to me and I want to have the best time ever with them.

Park Gun Wook, 6 Nov 2023

Han Yu Jin

I think one of our strengths is the strong teamwork we have! We always put others first and work things out together. We’re all different, but we make a great team together!

Han Yu Jin, 6 Nov 2023

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