ZEROBASEONE reveals first official profile photos

Zb1 1st Official Profile Group Photo

WakeOne Entertainment unveiled the first official profile photos for ZEROBASEONE (in short ZB1) today through their social media accounts.

This 9-member Kpop project group begins at the finale of Boys Planet which concluded in April 2023. The members including Zhang Hao, Sung Han Bin, Seok Matthew, Ricky, Park Gun Wook, Kim Tae Rae, Kim Gyu Vin, Kim Ji Woong, and Han Yu Jin (order based on their final rank), are gearing up for their HOT DEBUT this summer!

While waiting, here are their first official photoshoot as a group for fans (ZEROSE) to enjoy ~

Group Shot

Kim Ji Woong

Born: 1998, 14 December

Zhang Hao

Born: 2000, July 25

Sung Han Bin

Born: 2001, June 13

Seok Matthew

Born: 2002, May 28

Kim Tae Rae

Born: 2002, July 14


Born: 2004, May 20

Kim Gyu Vin

Born: 2004, August 30

Park Gun Wook

Born: 2005, January 10

Han Yu Jin

Born: 2007, March 20

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