ZEROBASEONE unveil DICON Pop-Up and Unboxing

Dicon Zb1

On 5 September 2023, members of ZEROBASEONE gathered together at the Dispatch DICON pop-up venue for an unboxing live video with Zerose.

The Pop-up event is held at IFC Mall in Yeouido, Seoul. Themed ‘The Beach Boy ZB1, The Summer, Our Sea’. You can find 120 BTS cuts that are not found anywhere else, photo zones are set, and even a lucky draw for fans who visit the site.


The pop-up will be held from 8 September to 17 September 2023. Interested Zerose can book your tickets through Naver.

Some of the merch you can find includes Trading cards, stickers, postcards, L-folders, reusable bags, and more.

Dicon Zb1 Pop Up Md

Unboxing Live

The members react to all the individual and group teasers to DICON. They showed us their favorite concept from their individual magazine and why. Also, the other merch that comes with the various versions that fans are getting.

For the full video

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