Clean With Passion For Now

The drama is about the romance between a man with mysophobia and a carefree and untidy girl. Jang Sun Gyeol is the CEO of the Cleaning Fairy, he suffers from severe mysophobia. Gil Oh Sol work all sorts of part-time jobs while waiting for a chance to get her full-time role, she joined Sun Gyeol’s cleaning company.

  • No. of episodes: 16
  • Genre: Romance, Comedy, Business
  • Original network: JTBC, Netflix
  • Native title: 일단 뜨겁게 청소하라
  • Premiere: 26 November 2018


Yoon Kyun Sang

Jang Sun Gyeol

Kim Yoo Jung

Gil Oh Sol

Song Jae Rim

Daniel Choi Ha In

Yoo Sun

Secretary Gwon

Yang Hak Jin

Lee Dong Hyun

Cha In Ha

Hwang Jae Min

Go Geon Han

Jeon Young Shik

Lee Do Hyun

Gil Oh Dol

Min Do Hee

Min Joo Yun

Kim Won Hae

Gil Gong Tae

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