10 moments I love – He is Psychometric

He is Psychometric is coming to an end tonight and everyone is not ready to say goodbye to the drama.

Here are some moments that I love.

“Thank me later” wink

(The WINK!) High School YiAn help Jae In to cover her first crisis in school.

Bromance between Yi An and Seung Mo

These pair is really adorable and their bro-line.

After moving to their new apartment, they are always spotted by neighbors when Yi An is giving too much skinship. So people in the building assume that they are a pair instead of brothers.


The reason why he is protective of his body and training up for it during the Eyes on Your World Tour. Seeing everyone drinking alcohol and he sips on plain water with a straw.

I won’t touch you until you let me

How considerate Yi An. He knows the pain that she have and respect that she is not comfortable to show him.

Kick ass

Two of them went solo to investigate an illegal company which ends up getting them into trouble. Thankfully, both of them can really fight and their chemistry is good.

I love snow

Yi An was hurt when Jae In instinctively retracts when he wanted to help her tie her shoelaces.

He stand up and say “I love snow. I love to touch snow, they are the only thing that doesn’t require permission before the touch and they don’t have any emotions or feelings.”

After that, Jae In hold his hands and totally let him in to her thoughts.

First date

Even though their first date did not end well, but we do treasure the day date before the heartbreak at night.

The musical box they made for each other is really pretty and resonance well to the receiving end.

Jae In made for Yi An

“Let’s not disturb them”

This is the pair that we want to see them blossom soon! Dae Bong have a crush on So Hyun since High School and still wants to protect and love her even though she’s a single mother.

I almost lose you

Jae In got kidnapped by the psycho and almost died. She strongly believe that Yi An will find her, so when she got carried on the back to an unknown place, she tries to leave hints for him.

Thank goodness, he found her.

Love for Jisoo Noona

Out of guilt from Jisoo’s father, they visit Yi An since young. After Jisoo discover about Yi An’s hidden talent, she will secretly let her into the mortuary.

Really pity that she eventually leave the world.


Four more episodes for me to complete this drama. Really sad to bid goodbye to Actor Park, but I will be seeing him on stage soon.

Hopefully he will land his next acting job after producers and directors sees his performance here.

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