11 K-Female Characters you’ll never forget


Slowly after I compile a list of my top 11 K-Male characters, here’s the list for the female characters.

Kim Mi Soo (from What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim?)

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Even though she was in the acting scene for a while now, this is the first role that left a strong impression, also the role that made her name again.

The rom-com What’s wrong with Secretary Kim? is really one of the best rom-com in 2018.

Deok Mi (from Her Private Life)

Shortly after What’s wrong with Secretary Kim? we have Her Private Life. Both title suggest that the female lead is the main character and soul to the script.

Even though the style did not vary much from both the roles, the character of the individual is slightly different.

Love the full on fangirl that she portray it well in Her Private Life.

Kim Pil Sook aka Miss Sushi (from Dream High)

The cutest Pil Sook in Dream High, the girl that is so determine and driven.

11 K Female Characters You 039 Ll Never Forget

Cindy (from The Producers)

The edgy singer-idol from the Producers is battling solo and helped to built the agency to a reputable position. Treating her very own CEO like mother yet was forced to lie about her real birth background and was backfired.

11 K Female Characters You 039 Ll Never Forget

See how this cold ice princess broke the ice with the main casts (the PDs) and how through them, she don’t feel as isolated and lonely.

Go Ha Jin / Hae Soo (from Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo)

Another role acted by IU (Lee Ji Eun) that left a strong impression on me. The China version, Scarlet Heart, was so successful and even I like the drama back then. We kind of know how the story will go when Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo airs.

What caught me is the breathtaking, bitter love of the ending scene where Ha Jin (or Hae Soo) went back to the present days.

11 K Female Characters You 039 Ll Never Forget

Through a walk in the exhibit, she realized everything did happened to her. The mixed emotions she is going through till the drops of tears just made me feel the same.

Lee Bo Na (from The Heir)

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The cutest character in the drama, The Heirs, Bo Na is a protective girlfriend and a rich chaebol to a media agency. Bo Na is super clingy yet able to give space to each other in a relationship.

11 K Female Characters You 039 Ll Never Forget

Sunny (from Goblin)

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Strong 2nd lead in the drama, her love story with the Grim reaper was bitter love like the main leads. The only ordinary human that was stirred into the supernatural world.

11 K Female Characters You 039 Ll Never Forget

Found out her previous life and that her brother became a goblin. The man he loved shows no mercy and indirectly caused her life.

Ji Eun Tak (from Goblin)

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We cannot miss her out, without the Goblin’s wife, the story cannot continue.

The character development for this role is massive. From a high school student till her adult life. Definitely remember clearly “Bitter Love” is what she describe her romance with Goblin.

Always cried while watching it, especially the ending.

Oh Yeon Joo (from W: Two Worlds)

By far one of the best drama in my list. W: Two Worlds really WOW me and the amount of information and twists (or assumptions) in the drama just amazed me.

11 K Female Characters You 039 Ll Never Forget

With good script but without a good cast, the drama will not be this ALIVE. Really love Yeon Joo’s place in the drama. The one that move around the two worlds and met her true love in the comic world.

Shin Chae Kyung (from Princess Hour/ Goong)

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Everyone will no doubt agree with this! The drama that boost the Korean scene internationally.

Nam Hong Ju (from While You Were Sleeping)

Another brain teasing drama that was released 2 years back starring Suzy, Lee Jong Suk and the drama that made me notice Jung Hae In.

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Her chemistry with Lee Jong Suk on set and off set is recognized that Jong Suk admit that he fell in love with Suzy during the awards ceremony.

You see the trend that some actress really left strong impression be it which role they are in. Really excited to see another side of IU in Hotel del Luna in July.