4 Apps you need to travel in Seoul

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As much as Google and Apple map is global, there are certain places that cannot be found. Learn how to travel like a local!

1. Naver Map or Kakao Map – To navigate

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To travel in Seoul, South Korea, the best map will probably be these two applications. I learn this through the hard way where I got lost in Jongno-gu last Spring while trying to find my way to Bukchon Hanok Village by following Apple and Google map.

Can’t read or type in Korean? No problem, this app allows you to enter addresses in English and also help you to find the best route to your destination. It is also like the gothere.sg we use in Singapore.

Naver Map App: Playstore, Apple Store

2. Papago App – To communicate

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Communication is always the key but it is difficult if you don’t speak the same language.  Chance upon the translating application, Papago, while watching Hyori’s Bed and Breakfast Season 2 (Spring Edition).

There is always funny translation while you are using Google Translation, so why not try something the locals use?

Papago App: Playstore, Apple Store 

3. Mango Plate – To eat and drink

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For the foodies out there, Mango Plate is the Korean version of Yelp! and with loads of content regarding different restaurants, cafes, bars etc with reviews and images uploaded by users.

Create your “wanna go” list even before your trip there. Or if you happen to be in the area and have no idea what to eat, use the app to find.

Mango Plate: Website, Playstore, Apple Store

4. Subway Korea

I have been using this subway app for the longest time, even if I’m not traveling or in Seoul, this app is always in my phone. I do notice the frequent updates which means they are constantly updating you as well.

Reason why I love it, it display all the lines available and also live updates on the train location. The exit information with maps etc. Really handy app if you are taking the public transport there.

Subway: Apple Store

Hope the next trip will be easier with them!

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