4 TVB Dramas that turned 10 years old


Grew up watching Hong Kong dramas but I would say 2009 did not produce that many good dramas from my memory. However, there are a couple that made the list.

Here are some dramas I love that are turning 10 years old in 2019.

#1 E.U. (Emergency Unit)

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Probably one of the most watched drama during the period, where it debuts “Laughing Gor” and many other prominent roles.

Third sequel starting from The Academy (aired in 2005), followed by On the First Beat (aired in 2007). Showcasing the police road map and different roles in the force from The Academy which mainly focusing of the baby step before they are officially police officer. One the First Beat is where they graduated from the academy and start their journey.

E.U. places focus on the Emergency unit in the police force and also the undercover. Darker more thrilling story line compared to the first two drama.

No. of episodes: 30
Genre: Police, Action, Crime

#2 A Watchdog’s Tale

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If you are a dog lover, or like to find out more about retired police dog this is a drama for you. Of course, it takes place and wrote in reference in the Hong Kong set. A retired police canine officer, Lai Tsun Sing (acted by Kent Cheng) opened a kennel and the stories starts there.

No. of episodes: 20
Genre: Police, Drama

#3 Beyond the Realm of Conscience

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This drama will not be unfamiliar for those who watches TVB dramas. One of the classic drama that TVB produce back in 2009 and even made a sequel last year which you can check it out here.

I guess I will buy in that this is a better story compared to the one produced last year. Original drama have more drama and character development, especially for Tavia Yeung’s role as Yiu Kam Ling.

No. of episodes: 33
Genre: Period, Drama

#4 D.I.E. Again

Image result for D.I.E. Again (2009)

Sequel of D.I.E. which stands for Detective Investigation Extension. In short, they are a department in the police force that investigate unsolved cases of other departments.

No. of episodes: 25
Genre: Police, Mystery, Crime


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