5 Favourite dramas I completed in Feb 2020

February 2020 favourite dramas

Second month of the year ended and how did you spent the bonus leap day? This month’s favorite has a wide variety in terms of good drama from different countries. We have fantasy, sci-fi to bittersweet romance.

Here are my 5 favorite dramas this month

Crash Landing on You 사랑의 불시착

Crash Landing on You

No. of episodes: 16
Country: South Korea

Broke the record on viewership by tvN and took the first place from Goblin, covering the forbidden and almost untouched topic on the relationship between the North and South Korea.

Find Yourself 下一站是幸福

Find yourself poster

No. of episodes: 41
Country: China

This drama took me by surprised. Not the usual age gap romance, there are so many cringe moments but also points that make you reflect on social and relationship stereotypes. Find Yourself is a drama that touch on sensitive topics like age gap between couples which the lady is the older person.

My Holo Love 너와 나 혼자 야

5 Favourite Dramas I Completed In Feb 2020

No. of episodes: 12
Country: South Korea

The Netflix Original series is low-key nice. All the episodes are released at once on the 7 Feb 2020 which allows me to binge watch it. The possibility of human and AI bubble romance is unique take.

Touch 터치

Touch (2020)

No. of episodes: 16
Country: South Korea

To be honest, this is not the best of best, but it did make me want to continue to see the make up business side in the drama. The second-lead syndrome is major here! The drama follow the story of a trainee that did not make it to debut in the end. Her dream and goals are flipped overnight and in order to earn for an living, she turn to the cosmetic industry.

The Dripping Sauce

The Dripping Sauce

No. of episodes: 30
Country: Hong Kong

This is drama that I did not expect myself to enjoy it this much. How much the characters grow from the first impression, especially Katy Kung who is the villain that I believe everyone hates.

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