5 so relatable moments in Her Private Life

Hands down one of my favourite drama currently, how it is so relatable to me as a fangirl.

Trying to calm down

The night before meeting them. Obviously we aren’t lucky to be able to sit down and have a conversation with our idols. But even appearing at their concert, fan meet or any other stages, we will definitely need to calm our hearts down a little.

Finding a muse

“Deok Mi. The person who you must meet in your life is not a soulmate.”
“Then what?”
“A fangirl friend.”

Having another fangirl or fanguy as a friend really helps. You know what they are thinking and feeling without saying it out.

Work Mode

Nothing will cheer our daily jobs better than listening to their hits. Be it there’s a crazy person screaming on the phone or a group is gossiping in a corner, that doesn’t bothers you at all.

Fangirl rule

Just looking at the person makes you happy, photos, video or anything will cheer you up.


We want it all! When your idol announce official merchandise, anything related to them.

Definitely there are more moments that she portray so well such as when she’s chilling on her couch watching videos of White Ocean etc.

Are you a fangirl or fanboy too?

Counting down to the final two episodes this week. What is going to happen soon?
What exactly did her mom did to Ryan when he was young?


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