6 characters we need to appreciate too in Extraordinary you


Have I not emphasis enough on how much I love Extraordinary you? The fact that I am still not over it, here is a few supporting roles that I really love and left strong impression on me as well.

Disclaimer: Supporting roles of Extraordinary you only exclude Eun Dan Oh (Kim Hye Yoon), Haru (SF9’s Rowoon) and Baek Kyung (Lee Jae Wook).

#1 Shin Sae Mi (Kim Jin In)

6 Characters We Need To Appreciate Too In Extraordinary You

Fate in Stage (Secret): Villain that destroy Nam Joo and Ju Da’s relationship, bully Ju Da.

Fact in shadow, she’s the sweetest friend you can have. The best friend to Dan Oh who is constantly fighting the impromptu heart attack and the ungrateful 10-year one-side crush Baek Kyung.

Once Ju Da gain self awareness, she is also wary that Sae Mi’s bully is not up to her yet she still wants to revenge.

#2 Lee Do Hwa (Jung Gun Joo)

6 Characters We Need To Appreciate Too In Extraordinary You

Fate in Stage (Secret): The third wheel that needs to help Nam Joo and Ju Da get together.

Fact in shadow, he still love Ju Da be it on stage or in shadow. Best friends with Dan Oh and Haru that forms the self aware A3 that I absolutely love. He is sentimental yet does not reflect the negative side easily.

Probably my favorite actor discovered in 2019 and started to watch all his past projects which happens to be all web series, Extraordinary you is his first drama. Left JYP Actors after it shuts this year and joined Blossom Entertainment that house Park Bo Gum and many.

From all the past web series, I really love The Best Ending and WHY. Hope to see more of him in the future.

#3 Baek Joon Hyeon (Bae Hyun Sung)

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Fate in Stage (Secret): Extra, Baek Kyung’s step brother.

Fact in shadow, he was revealed to carry memory even from Trumpet Creeper and want to protect the brother that hated him. Even just short appearance, it really left an impression especially from the scene where he went to warn Haru not to mess with the stage.

#4 Yeo Ju Da (April’s Lee Na Eun)

6 Characters We Need To Appreciate Too In Extraordinary You

Fate in stage (Secret): The female lead of the comic, red thread connected to Oh Nam Joo.

Fact in shadow, she realized and gain self awareness at the later half of the drama and she chose to hide it from the rest (apart from Do Hwa at the very end). From the girl who just accepts her fate of being bullied to the person that fights back once stage ends. That split second transition really impressed me.

I start to notice her and went to catch up on A-Teen and A-Teen 2 when her acting really starts to grow on me.

#5 Jin Mi Chae aka Dried Squid Fairy (Lee Tae Ri)

6 Characters We Need To Appreciate Too In Extraordinary You

Fate in stage (Secret): Extra, the handsome chef in the school cafeteria

Fact in shadow, the key person to look for to explain the question marks you have. Dan Oh, Haru, Baek Kyung, Do Hwa all respectively visit him. He carries the painful memory from Trumpet Creeper and trying to protect the rest in Secret from the variables.

My first impression of him is in Rooftop prince aired years ago.

#6 Kim Soo Hyang (Lee Ye Hyun)

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Fate in stage (Secret): Extra, transfer student in Do Hwa’s class.

Fact in shadow, Min Chae’s lover in Trumpet Creeper that lost self awareness once. Even though she appears at the later half of the drama with little appearance, I can feel what she is trying to convey during her scenes.

If you are interested to find out more about Extraordinary you.

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