6 hotels for 7 nights in Taiwan

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My recent trip to Taiwan involves 5 different cities which requires my family to move from hotel to hotel every day (apart from the final 2 days in Taipei).

Previously in my post, I mentioned that my trip is arranged by a travel agency and that I do not have the confirmation of the hotels that I will be staying until the very day I travel.

Apart from their commitment that we will be staying in 4-5 star hotels, we have no other information and therefore the expectation varies.

Here are the hotels and my views after my stay.

Taipei, Hotel Papa Whale

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First night in Taipei and I was down with fever, therefore I wasn’t ready to fully enjoy the room and facilities. The overall vibe of the hotel is YOUNG, TRENDY, COSY.

The corridor that leads to the rooms feels like we are entering escape rooms which is rather creepy. Thankfully the room isn’t that scary, just a little tight in space.

Something I really don’t like about the design will be the basin. Humanly not functional and I almost hit the glass panel a few times (my father hit that quite often which drives him nuts).

The hotel’s breakfast is really different from your usual international breakfast. Hotel Papa Whale’s breakfast is steamboat. Really refreshing yet doubtful meal to begin your day.

In terms of location, it is a walk-able distance from the shopping district, Ximending (took me about 10 mins walk back to the hotel).

Ratings: 3.5/5 (If you are traveling with your parents, I would rather we choose a less trendy but more functional room.) 

Hualien, Lakeshore Hotel

By far the best room from my trip, in terms of space. The room is spacious and heard from the tour guide that it is locally ranked 5 stars.

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Location wise, there isn’t much around the hotel and the nearest 7-11 (convenient store) is 5 minutes walk away. Honestly, there isn’t much to explore in Hualien as it is a laid back city where most people are there to enjoy their retirement.

Ratings: 4/5 

Taitung, Hoya Hot Springs Resort & Spa

The worst ever room. Definitely the nightmare of all the hotels I’ve stayed. When the guide mentioned that every room comes with attached hot spring place, naturally imagine those good view or at least something similar to the Hualien hotel.

But no, it is literally a small (smaller than bathtubs) area and the hot spring water is from the usual shower water. Even the tap water are filled with minerals which some people found it uncomfortable to even use it normally.

The room is rather run down or probably still living in its 1990s period. We can definitely hear every single conversation and footsteps beyond our room. There is nothing in the surrounding, the nearest convenient store is 5-7 minutes drive.

Ratings: 0/5 

Kaohsiung, Midtown Richardson Kaohsiung Bo Ai

From the nightmare place to this hotel is a total upgrade. One of the most comfortable room from the trip as we have two queen size beds in the room.

Twin Room with City View

The amount of universal power points (plugs) makes it so convenient. The hotel is under the same chain as the Hotel Papa Whale but I’m so glad that the breakfast isn’t steamboat. Though their breakfast spread is really limited.

Ratings: 4/5

Taichung, Inone City Inn

Walking distance to Fengjia Night Market is the one and only bonus of this hotel. The hotel’s location feels rather mysterious. For those that like to get your dirty laundry washed, they have multiple store available.

The interior design have no common concept to it and the space is really tight for twin sharing. Glad that it is only one night stay.

Ratings: 2/5

Taipei, Green World Hotel Song Shan

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Last stop from the trip and we are back in Taipei. In terms of location, comfort, and design, Green World is the best.

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The hotel is literally beside Exit 3 of Houshanpi train station, which makes our only day of free and easy, easier. If you love clothing shopping, the famous Wufenpu is just 5 mins walking distance away (or even less than that if you walk fast.) and from Wufenpu, you can walk to the famous Raohei Night Market.

The room is really nice and cosy with universal power points (plugs) for tourist. With the addition of bathtub gives you an option to chill.

If you are hungry, there is a 7-11 just across the street and a super yummy local beancurd shop beside the hotel.

Ratings: 4.5/5


This is based on my personal experience.


Images are taken from a few booking sites such as Booking.com, Agoda.

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