6 Tips to travel in Croatia

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Recent trip to Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Montenegro is a real eye opener for me. Prior the trip, there isn’t much of hacks and tips online for Croatia as oppose to the Central Europe.

Architecture in Splits, Croatia. Picture: @blairlhx

1. Currency in KUNA

If you are wondering, Croatia uses Croatian Kuna which you can change it at the Zagreb airport using Euros if your local money exchange do not have Kuna.

Rough estimate. 1 Euro equalavent 7 Kuna

2. Official language

Croatian is their official language, but don’t be taken back, many do understand English. If not, body language is the best.

3. Border between cities

Screengrab from Google Maps

Get ready your passport! 

If you are planning to visit both Dubrovnik and Splits, do buffer sometime to pass the borders. Even though both cities are within Croatia, they are split by Bosnia.

Cruise around the old town in Dubrovnik, Croatia. My favorite city! Picture: @blairlhx

4. Closed on Sundays

Pretty empty street in Zagreb, Croatia on a Sunday noon. Picture: @blairlhx

The capital city of Croatia is beautiful but do note that up to 80% of the shops are closed on Sundays.

I was there with a guide on a wrong day for shopping but is a best day for photos. Since almost 80% of the shops are closed, most of the locals and even tourist will not be visiting the city.

5. No Starbucks, coffee

Thankfully, I was prepared with my instant coffee mix throughout my trip. I did not spot a single Starbucks store while I was there and definitely think they aren’t into coffee.

I was in KRAS (one of the most famous brands in Croatia) themed cafe and ordered a Classic Vanilla latte, it turns out to be off-white color and no coffee aroma.

6. Bees

The air is filled with sweet aroma. Naturally, flowers will attract bees. Don’t panic if you see it, don’t shoo it away with your hand.

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