7 TVB Dramas I love in 2019

The year is almost ending and apart from Wonder Women 多功能老婆 that is schedule to take over the slot from 25 Nov 2019, there will not be any more new drama in 2019. Decided to start of with my favorite Hong Kong dramas based on those that I caught up with this very year.

Up to date, I’ve completed 11 dramas that was released by TVB in 2019. Out of the list, here are my top 1 to 7.

#1 Big White Duel 白色強人

No doubt, this is going to be the champion drama for 2019 by TVB. Hands down to the best medical series in these couple of years with a good mix of different departments in a hospital, highlighting romance and part of the politics.

Here’s my full review of the drama.

#2 The Man Who Kills Troubles 解決師

Ranked higher than the horror-thriller dramas that was filmed beautifully due to the possibility of me re-watching it. Currently at episode 17 and the story starts to twist even more when Jovy is going to take over the family business.

Here’s my first impression of the drama.

#3 Girlie Days 她她她的少女時代

I was not the biggest fan when the drama first came out, so I waited for it to release until 12 or 13 episodes. When I found time to watch, I dive right in. Binge watch worthy drama.

Here’s my full review of the drama.

#4 Our Unwinding Ethos 十二傳說

This is really a brilliant drama that solves the horror-fantasy stories to scientific proven cases. At every beginning of a new case, it can get pretty scary and upon researching, the stories are real true myths and exact sites.

For the bold heart, here’s my full review.

#5 Barrack O’Karma 金宵大廈

Another horror-fantasy drama that I did not watch it until the full drama is available. Fun fact: There is a cross over with Our Unwinding Ethos by inviting Dr. Poon up as guest. I binged watch 10 episodes until I felt my heart is really heavy by its stories and took it slower after that.

It is a melodrama like drama, full review here.

#6 ICAC Investigators 2019 廉政行動2019

Just five episodes and this enter my top 7! The ICAC Investigator series has been on for years to highlight the importance of the department in government. I was surprised that they really make good cases and cast for 2019.

Here’s my full review.

#7 The Defected 鐵探

The first ever TVB drama that is on Netflix. For those who love to see a different take on a police drama, this is filled with the politics between top officers that are fighting for power instead of the citizens. How power affect your initial heart of taking up such a courageous job.

Here’s my full review.

Hope 2020 will be a good year for more awesome drama production and will be able to catch up on all the dramas that was announced.

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