8 adorable moments in Hotel Del Luna

Still not going to part ways with the drama, here are some adorable moments from Episode 1 to 15 that I love!

HANDS DOWN! This will probably be the best drama of the year.

Get it, move him

Just the beginning…


Shut her with a stalk of rose

Match making for the dead

Love between Human and Ghost

Chan Sung label himself

A sweet and adorable moment when Chan Sung drew the symbol of Man Wol on his palm and say “it’s yours” which indirectly state that he is hers.

Predestine lovers?


Chan Sung back to life?

This moment is really nerve wreaking, we are all hoping that Chan Sung did not enter the hotel as a ghost.

After Man Wol checked his heartbeat, the next moment is hilarious!

The deal with Grim Reaper

For those who are a fan of What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim, you will be able to identify the Mr Grim Reaper here.

The scene when they show the deal between them is interesting!

Excited yet sad to start the finale.

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