8 C-Dramas released in 2020 that are binge worthy

C-drama released in 2020 worth binge watching

2020 is a pretty good year for China/ Chinese dramas and we have almost a good worthy drama to watch every month.

#1 The Romance of Tiger and Rose

8 C Dramas Released In 2020 That Are Binge Worthy

No. of episodes: 24
Native title: 传闻中的陈芊芊

When the story writer (Rosy Zhao Lu Si) is sucked into her creation and became the ‘extra’ in the world. Fell in love with the male lead (Ryan Ding) and caught in a dilemma of wanting to stay for love or end the story to return to reality. 

#2 My Love, Enlighten Me

Performance GIF

No. of episodes: 24
Native title: 暖暖请多指教

Idol trainees (Eleanor Lee) who did not manage to make her debut were crossed during the final stage by her own team member. Realizing the four years of training has gone to waste and her dreams and goals are gone overnight. What will she do next?

#3 You Are My Destiny

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No. of episodes: 36
Native title: 你是我的命中注定

Remake from the Classic Taiwanese drama of the same title. One night stand changes the lives of both of them when they realized that they are pregnant. The young CEO (Xing Zhao Lin) chose to marry plain jane Chen Jiaxin (Liang Jie) to be responsible. Yet he did not share such big news to his girlfriend of 2 years pursuing her career in Europe. 

#4 Girlfriend

Drama GIF

No. of episodes: 36
Native title: 楼下女友请签收

Cold but young and rich CEO (Lawrence Wong) stop finding love after his first love left him and chose fame and career. He crosses path with a diligent aspiring actress (Xu Hao) that feels like a split image of his first love. Will he able to distinguish both of them?

#5 Fake Princess

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No. of episodes: 27
Native title: 山寨小萌主

When a bandit (Eleanor Lee) agreed to fake her identity and marry the crown prince for 3 months in exchange for the villagers’ safety and lives. Coming from Team Empress, the fake princess is being test constantly by the Crown prince (Zhao Yi Qin) if she is a spy plot or not. 

#6 Find Yourself

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No. of episodes: 41
Native title: 下一站是幸福

In a relationship, if the man is 10 years older means the female is wrong. Even if the table turns, the female is 10 years older than the man, she is wrong. Love is to find the right one or the suitable one?

#7 Intense Love

Drama GIF

No. of episodes: 24
Native Title: 韫色过浓

Appointed marriage by their parents. Both of them did not show up during their engagement party but end up made way to find each other and fell in love.

#8 My Girl

Drama GIF

No. of episodes: 24
Native Title: 99分女朋友

One left a physical scar which caused both to be mentally scarred since elementary school days. Meng Hui developed dissociative identity disorder which causes her other personality to ‘come out’ under massive stress and pressure. 

Noticing some familiar faces? Guess Ryan Ding, Zhao Yi Qin and Eleanor Lee really left good impression for the first half of 2020. Looking forward for more good dramas in the second half of 2020.

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