8 OST that brings you back to the Kdrama instantly


Music is really important for a drama, that is why BGM plays a crucial role in editing the final product.

Here are some of the OST that brings me back to the drama immediately when my Apple Music shuffles it in my playlist.

#1 Take – JUS2 (He is Psychometric)

This is the first ever song that was played at the end of episode 1. Listening to the familiar voices and realized it was a surprise from JB and Yugyeom to Jinyoung and ahgases.

#2 All About You – Taeyeon (Hotel Del Luna)

This is a given one for all Kdrama lovers. We might not fully understand the lyrics, but it felt so in sync with the story.

#3 Another Day – Monday Kiz and Punch (Hotel Del Luna)

Actually all the OST for Hotel Del Luna still stay very fresh and every song triggers a scene which makes me feel bittersweet. We also have At the End – Chungha, So Long – Paul Kim.

#4 Help Me – (G)I-DLE (Her Private Life)

I was hooked to the song and it makes me really excited and hype for what is going to happen. Happily listening and mouthing the song along and after sometime, I then know (G)I-DLE sang this. Really different vibe from their LATATA.

#5 Never ending Story 끝나지 않을 이야기 – Stray Kids (Extraordinary you)

GOOSEBUMPS! This is one particular song that triggers the bittersweet moments and moments that characters Dan Oh, Haru, Do Hwa’s will to fight against the odds.

#6 My Beauty – VERIVERY (Extraordinary you)

It is a beautiful song. They are trying to convey the feelings of having butterflies in your stomach when you see your love, and it is successful!

#7 Stay with Me – Chanyeol and Punch (Goblin)

That one Kdrama that really left a strong impression and changed my perspective of Korean drama as a whole. I always revisit the drama and it will still bring my emotion up and down.

#8 Without You – VIXX’s N and Yeoeun (W: Two Worlds)

The song title suggest it is a sad song. The first comic world with multiple variables occurring. One character from real world and one from comic world in love.