9 C-Drama and K-Drama couples that makes you fall in love again

Since today is Valentine’s Day, we are going to spread romance bubbles through these Chinese and Korean drama couples. I guess everyone have that couple that we really adore and trust me, we are also attracted by the supporting roles love lines too.

#1 Choi Woong and Go Min Chae

The Best Ending

Go Min Chae GIF

Even it is just a simple short web series, I can’t help but go through their emotional roller coaster while watching it.

#2 Xiao Nai and Bei Wei Wei

Love O2O

This is the most unrealistic couple ever, yet many fell for their charm over and over again.

#3 Lee Young Joon and Kim Mi So

What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim?

Hit off so well. They are true iconic couple for Rom-Com.

#4 Shim Won Seok and Yang Ho Rang

Because this is my first life

Won Seok and Ho Rang is not the main couple in the drama, yet their love line made me cry the most. Bitter, sweet and so dear.

#5 He Can Yang and Chai Min Min

Find yourself

Netflix GIF

Not the main couple in Find Yourself, yet they are super adorable. The 12 years age gap just makes them even cuter together. Not the first time I see Zhang Yu Jian pair up with another person, but this is the cutest!

#6 Ruan Dong Shen and Zhen Yuan Yuan

Love the way you are

Romance GIF

Feel that they are really in love during the drama, or maybe Derek really acted well.

#7 Ri Jung Hyuk and Yoon Se Ri

Crash Landing on You

The forbidden love still not quite sure of the ending. The final episode will be aired this weekend and I really hope it will be a good one. The process and unbroken love is so strong and they are perfect together onscreen.

#8 Haru and Eun Dan Oh

Extraordinary you

Romance in the comic world, dating life that will happen only in shadow and unpredictable future together makes it even more precious.

#9 Goo Chan Sung and Jang Man Wol

Hotel del Luna

Love between human and ‘immortal’. Where the strongest sentence is “it takes more courage to let go than to hold on“.

So, which are you favourite couples? These nine couples create countless butterflies in my stomach.

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