9 male actors that caught my attention in 2019

A year of amazing content from the South Korea entertainment industry. Thanks to all the creative scriptwriters and directors.

Here’s a list of nine actors that really caught my attention this year through dramas that I’ve caught up with.

#1 Jung Gun Joo

Really my No.1 favorite actor that I discovered in the later half of 2019 through the drama, Extraordinary you. My heart gave him the no.1 slot, over my ultimate bias, just because he is a full actor.

When JYP Actors “close down”, I was aware about movement of a few actors including Shin Ye Eun. Never do I know Jung Gun Joo was from JYP Actor and move on to join Blossom Entertainment after that.

#2 Park Jin Young (from GOT7)

My ultimate bias rank no.2 as an actor but still my no.1 favorite idol. Our dear Actor Park finally received his first main role for tvN’s drama, He is Psychometric as Yi An this year.

#3 Kim Min Jae

First caught my eye with his acting in Hit the Top even though he was not the main male lead. Later in the year, I watched Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency where he took the lead role.

#4 Yeo Jin Goo

Who can forget him, right? The human General Manager of Hotel del Luna, Chan Sung. The child actor rises to his fame pretty fast in 2019 with lead role in My Absolute Boyfriend, The Crowned Clown and Hotel del Luna.

#5 Seo Ji Hoon

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Soo that broke my heart when his heart was broken by Gae Ttong in Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency. His acting and visual is really amazing and caught many in dilemma to support him or Ma Hoon in the drama.

#6 Park Ji Hoon (from ex-Wanna One)

Still the cute one, Ji Hoon the second runner up of Produce 101 Season 2. Never think of him as an actor but after watching Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency I’m convinced. Especially at his role’s turning point towards the end.

#7 Rowoon (from SF9)

Always know that there’s a Kpop group, SF9, but never really know much about the members. After watching Extraordinary you, I am convinced that there is another successful idol turn actor

#8 Lee Jae Wook

The bad guy from Extraordinary you but also most commonly known for his role in Search: WWW. Jae Wook is one of the rising actors in Korea and after watching Extraordinary you, I am convinced.

#9 Kim Kwon

The ultimate mastermind in He is Psychometric, Kang Sung Mo, Sung Mo Hyung to dear Yi An. His acting here brings me into his dark world and felt his suffering in the basement prison. When he dropped tears after losing someone he love, that really hits me.

Will catch up on Leverage, the recent kdrama soon.

To all these amazing young actors, really hope to see more dramas from them in the future.

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