7 times Do Hwa (Extraordinary You) stole your heart

Jung Gun Joo as Lee Dohwa in Extraordinary You

Do Hwa arh~ I hope after Ju Da admit to her self awareness, you guys can be together in shadow! 

Jung Gun Joo is right here stealing hearts and cause the increase effect on the second-lead syndrome. In case you are not sure what happened, you can check out the first impression on the drama, Extraordinary you.

The way he look at Dan Oh

Even though they are not romantically involved, just look at how he look at her. Dan Oh must be so fortunate to have a friend-like-brother that will be there for her.

Appreciate being able to like Ju Da

He is aware that he will not be with Ju Da (Lee Na Eun)  according to the writer’s story, but he still appreciate time together with her (apart from playing the violin for her).

Expressing sadness

After catching up on Secret, Do Hwa realize his best friend’s time is on a countdown and he felt sad yet helpless. He bought her the strawberry milk since he remembered that’s her favorite drink.

Slow but cute

Previously, I did up a post of my “A3” in the drama that consist of Dan Oh (Kim Hye Yoon), Haru (Rowoon) and Do Hwa. I really like their friendship in the drama (or comic).

Secretly judging non-stop

“Please think about yourself”

In the recent few episodes, Do Hwa burst out trying to talk sense to Ju Da. The tears that’s circulating in their eyes is bittersweet.


Ju Da is different

Being one of the first few characters that is self aware, Do Hwa quickly accept his fate of supporting Ju Da and Nam Joo’s relationship in Secret. However, things starts to change…

In episode 23-24, it is obvious that Ju Da became self aware. It will be interesting to see what will happen to this pair.

Interestingly, in Trumpet Creeper, Haru’s role is similar to Do Hwa and fell in love with the female lead. Things is repeating in Secret now, Ju Da seems like trying to express more interest in Do Hwa with the look once the page flip.

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