A Perfect Man

A Perfect Man Tvb Drama 2022

The romance story between Yung Yit Cheung and Charlie Yau, an independent activist who did not believe in marriage and a single mother. Charlie has a 17-year-old son Woody but still looks youthful and attractive.

No. of episodes: 20
Genre: Romance, Family, Friendship
Native title: 有種好男人
Original network: TVB

Premiere: 26 Dec 2022

Rating: 4 out of 5.



Joe Ma

Joe Ma

Yung Yit Cheung

Ali Lee

Ali Lee

Charlie Yau Chi-ching

Ricco Ng

Ricco Ng

Woody Miu Shing-lam

Yoyo Chen

Yoyo Chan

Feya Yung

Wing Tsui

Tsui Wing

Ha Chung Chau

Raymond Cho

Raymond Cho

Fu Jeun

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