Actors that caught our attention in Q1 of 2020

One quarter of 2020 passed and it is not the best of the best period even up to now. #staysafe #washyourhands Despite of the situation, there are people working hard for us to enjoy drama at home during the #stayhome period.

Here are some actors/actress that left quite an impression this quarter.

Kwon Nara

Everyone fell hard for the second-lead syndrome while watching Itaewon Class. Trust me, you are not alone. When the production team send Park Bo Gum at the end for her, that answers everyone!

Ahn Bo Hyun

That villain everyone hate and want to punch him in his face to revenge on behalf of Park Saeroyi. The boxer turned model and now actor caught my attention since Her Private Life and now gain popularity as Jang Geun Won.

Go Bo Gyeol

I do have impression of her in the role for Cinderella and the Four Knights and Goblin where she portrays the spoiled teen with princess sickness. However, while watching Hi Bye, Mama! she breakthrough with Oh Min Jung. Min Jung is a kind hearted step mother who devote her life to be the best mother for Seo Woo.

Seo Ji Hye

Everyone don’t have the best interest when Seo Dan appear as Ri Jung Hyuk’s fiancee. After completing Crash Landing on You, everyone just feel so sorry for her.

Seo Ji Hye is currently filming an upcoming drama with Song Seung Heon for Shall We Eat Dinner Together 저녁같이 드실래요 and will premiere in May 2020.

Moon Ga Young

Yeo Ha Jin in Find Me in Your Memory stands out as the charming but blunt celebrity with a sad backstory. Even though she has multiple projects that I love such as EXO Next Door, this role shows her mature side and I love it.

Which actor caught your attention this quarter?

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