All is Well – Taiwan vs Singapore Version 你那邊怎樣·我這邊OK

All Is Well Ok Poster 01

No. of episodes: 40 (currently airing)
Genre: Business, Crime, Suspense

Native title: 你那邊怎樣·我這邊OK

Something different from the usual drama, All is Well comprises a Taiwan version and a Singapore version that can be watched individually and as a whole 40 episode drama.

This is a crossover production between Taiwan and Singapore with a pretty heavy class A actors involved.

Love line between Romeo Tan and Pauline Lan 蓝心湄, the 20-years gap romance really make me wonder how they will create sparks here.

Desmond Tan 陳泂江 will act as the ultimate villain against Blue Lan 藍正龍 the chaebol that will be opening (or expand) business in Singapore. The addition of Joanne Tseng 曾之喬 , the girl that inspires to marry a rich man does make me look forward more.

Other actors such as Zoe Tay, Chen Han Wei, Fann Wong, Shelia Sim, Elvin Ng, Ian Fang are all participating in this production.

Currently available on Toggle, Channel 8 and Channel U for Singapore viewers.