Best Flight Meals – Cathay Pacific


Second time flying with Cathay Pacific and it was amazing, the seat, the food and also the service. The previous time I was flying with Cathay was a couple of years back when I was going to Hong Kong for school performance.


My recent trip to Seoul, South Korea, I book my seat directly from them which I found amazing offers and the price point is really budget-friendly for my impromptu trip. Even though there are multiple stopovers, but no complains!

My flight from Singapore to Incheon, South Korea is not a direct flight and we need to do a stopover at Hong Kong International Airport before continuing the journey. Which I prefer as long hours on the plane might be taxing to the lower back.

Plane meal

I remember clearly that the omelette was amazing from my previous trip. So here’s what I had while I was travelling with Cathay this time round.

Singapore > Hong Kong

No fancy meal since it was a midnight flight. We had a box of orange juice, some cake, fruits and sandwich with Kit-Kat. Since it was a midnight flight, I only had the juice, sandwich and the grapes.

credits: @blairlhx 

Hong Kong > Incheon, South Korea

I can’t recall having any meals on board, or, I was too tired and missed it.

Incheon, South Korea > Taoyuan, Taiwan

Begin our full day worth of boarding and arriving as we will be making a transfer in Taiwan as well as Hong Kong.

On the flight, I guess this is my favourite plane meal! The omelette with mushrooms and cheese, some potatoes and sausage. When I look at the bowl of fruits, I’m so happy that there are no pineapples!

And can I say this, the ‘table’ is huge! Sufficient enough for the tray of food & drinks and also my phone!

Breakfast on the plane, Omelette. Credits: @blairlhx

Taoyuan, Taiwan > Hong Kong

We are a little surprised when they start serving the meals. Even though it is just a bottle of water with beef rice, I never even imagine it on a flight duration less than 2 hours.

Lunch on the plane, Beef Rice. Credits: @blairlhx

Hong Kong > Singapore

Dinner on the plane, Seafood Pasta. Credits: @blairlhx

The final meal to end our full day of flying in the air. Wasn’t that impressed by the pasta, but the air steward is kind enough to warn me about the potential fishy smell that it will have. But then, curry chicken rice is another option and I had that in the flight from Taiwan to Hong Kong, so I chose this instead.

Curry Chicken Rice, not my meal but I’ve tried and it tastes good!. Credits: @blairlhx

The buns/bread is worth mentioning! It is one of the most delicious bread I’ve ever tasted on a plane which I usually skip or only had a bite. But I finished pimping hot bread before I dive into the main course for all my meals (if they serve).

Sunrise in Incheon Airport, South Korea. Credits: @blairlhx

Till next flight with them!

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