Review: Big White Duel 2

Big White Duel Drama Poster 2022

The sequel of Big White Duel continue the stories of all the healthcare workers and patients in Marshall Paxton Hospital, a government-owned hospital in Hong Kong. YT (Roger Kwok) is fighting for his campaign to pass the government and eventually benefit citizens who cannot afford expensive medication due to rare disease.

No. of episodes: 30
Genre: Medical, Romance, Politics
Native title: 白色強人II
Original network: TVB, Youku

New competition

Apart from actively running for his campaign, YT Yeung is also the Dean of Marshall Paxton Hospital and boyfriend of Dr. Yan Lui Oi Ning (Kelly Cheung). Dr. Tong Ming (Kenneth Ma) helps to run the hospital and make decision when YT is unavailable. Things are better now between him and her ex-wife Dr. Zoe So Yee (Natalie Tong) and they started dating again.

Big White Duel 2 Still Cut 9 Jpg Ssl 1

Dr. Ip Ching is a capable, young and talented doctor known in the industry. She first joined Marshall Paxton Hospital to co-run and shared the seat of being the Dean. After which, she counter offer the government with her campaign idea that will go against YT.

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On the other hand, Yan’s ex Dr. Vincent Lee Man Shuen (Moses Chan) was hired by both YT and Tong Ming to join the A&E department. Coming from the Doctors Without Borders, Vincent is an experienced and skilful doctor and surgeon who request to operate as his wish. Vincent is definitely still attracted to Yan and did not shy away from it.

Moses Chan in Big White Duel 2
Moses Chan in Big White Duel 2

Which one will you choose?

YT Yeung have been running the campaign since the beginning, trying to gather information and help patients with rare disease who cannot afford the expensive medication. Many of them choose to end their life unwillingly as they are unable to pay for the high price tag medicine that suppose to ease and cure them. Some of them struggles physically but mentally want to survive.

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With the same core intention, Ip Ching knew right from the bait that the government and health department are not impressed with YT’s campaign due to the high cost that will drive up the budget of the entire nation.

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Nancy Wu in Big White Duel 2

She came out with other campaign which was connected to her late boyfriend’s wish, to set up a Research Facility in Hong Kong and develop medicine themselves. This sounds like a far fetch idea but she prove that it is workable and will be a revenue driven platform in a long run.

YT’s idea will immediately benefit affected citizens whereas Ip Ching’s campaign is for a long run. Sounds like the best of both worlds, but only one will be accepted and executed.

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