Bittersweet graduation for Sang Yoon and Sung Jae on ‘Master in the House’

Cast members of Master in the House

Episode 111 marks the final episode for Sang Yoon and BTOB’s Sung Jae with Master in the House. Both of them uploaded a farewell picture with the fixed cast members including Shin Sung Rok, Lee Seung Gi and Yang Se Hyung on their Instagram.


He mentioned that is was his first variety as a fixed cast member and he did it over 2 years. Thanking all the staff, the members and masters for providing such a valuable experience.

Sang Yoon stepped down from the program as he want to refocus back on his acting. This is his first ever variety show and the baby step into the variety scene, it is amazing to see him grow as well. All the best, hope to see amazing acting from you in the future.


Sungjae mentioned that it was amazing 2 years with the cast and the program that even Melody (BTOB’s fan club) acknowledged it is a good program.

For Sungjae, he stepped down from the show as he wanted more time for himself before enlisting the army. Enjoy the time you have before serving the nation, hope to see more music production from you as well!

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