Bok Si back on Come Home Love

Bok Si back on Come Home Love set. Source @maboboma

When he first posted the photo of him with the Come Home Love cast, I was excited and happy to see him back in the sitcom. Bok Si 秦博士 (Mark Ma) is my favourite character in the sitcom but was killed off as he need to focus on other full length drama.

In episode 771, Bok Si is back in Hong Kong visiting the Hong Family during the Lunar New Year period. Sadly, this is just a guest appearance as he flew back to England to reunite with the onscreen girlfriend Mandy at the end of the episode.

180 degree changed

Bok Si first appear arguing with the Taxi Driver for charging him extra. Bok Si is the humble, gentleman who will never get this angry.

Hkdrama GIF

The entire family want to avoid him as he became really chatty and love to gossip.

Bok Si GIF

For those who need to recap on his final ep 1 year ago.

Really hope he will join back the cast for good…

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